Household duties

Household duties</a>

Children are growing and their opportunities are increasing. From a certain age, children try to participate in all the affairs of their parents.

They are carried away by household chores, which for them are new and extremely interesting.

Over time, this interest fades away, giving way to completely different ones.

Numerous games, friends and communication come to the forefront.

And the parents have a question: is it necessary to insist on doing household chores by a child or to give him complete freedom. He does not want to help around the house, parents will manage themselves.
Domestic duties are significantEducational effect. They accustom the child to responsibility, discipline, planning their own time. After all, if a child knows that it is his daily duty to walk with a dog at a certain time, then he needs to learn how to plan his affairs and entertainments in view of this circumstance. A complete lack of duties can lead to the development of slackness and the habit of hoping for others.
However, you should carefully treat the appointmentResponsibilities for the child. They must be able to do it. Do not cause fierce aversion in the child - that is, you do not need to dump the work that the child does not want to do. Do not also pile in a bunch of various responsibilities for one child. The number of duties should not grow faster than the child himself. He must have time for games, entertainment, communication with parents and friends.
Home duties should be clearly stipulated. It is impossible to impose a duty on the child today, but tomorrow to demand from him another. Parents should be consistent and systematic in their demands. Requirements must be made by both parents and always the same. Well, do not forget that the best means of education is your own example! Parents should always fulfill their domestic duties themselves, regardless of mood and immediate desires. Only then can you demand the same from the child.

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