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Household duties

Household duties

Children grow and their ability to become more and more. From a certain age children try to participate in all the work of parents.

They captivate the household chores, which for them are new and extremely interesting.

Over time, this interest fades, to be replaced completely different.

In the first place come the numerous games, friends and chat.

And the question to parents: Do insist on doing household chores or child give him the freedom you need. Do not want to help around the house is not necessary, the parents themselves will cope.
Household duties are significanteducational effect. They teach a child responsibility, discipline, planning their own time. After all, if a child knows that his duty is to daily walk with the dog at a certain time, then their business and entertainment he has to learn to plan with this in mind. The complete absence of responsibility can lead to lack of discipline and the habits of hope for others.
However, you should carefully treat destinationresponsibilities for the child. They must be his ability. Do not induce violent disgust at the child - that is, do not need to pass the buck to the child the work that does not want to do any of the adults. Nor should immediately heaping pile of a variety of duties to one child. Number of duty should not grow faster than the child. He must necessarily be time for games, entertainment, communication with parents and friends.
Domestic responsibilities should be clearly defined. It is impossible today to impute the responsibility of one child, and tomorrow require him to another. Parents need to be consistent and systematic in their demands. Requirements must be presented by both parents, and always the same. And do not forget that the best means of education - own example! Parents themselves must perform their household duties always, regardless of the momentary mood and desires. Only then can we ask the same of the child.

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