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House in chalet style: house with alpine character


In the mountain Alpine regions were once builtSpecial houses designed to weather the bad weather. They were used as temporary shelter. Especially often these houses with the name of the chalet became a haven for shepherds. Here people could rest, warm up, eat. Not surprisingly, chalet-style houses are originally known as shepherds.

The material for the construction of the basement servesStone, and for the second floor - a tree. Between them is also the first, often acting as a mansard floor. A distinctive feature of the basement floor in its height. This is due to protection from floods and snow debris. For the construction, only large stones were used.

It is in the mountainous areas of four European(France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria) you can find the largest number of houses built in the chalet style. Here their whole villages. Despite the fact that their construction was conducted according to the same principle, each house is unique, unlike others. Unites these structures cleanliness, neatness, grooming.

So what are the main features of stylechalet? First of all, this is a simplified kind of country style. The walls are either whitewashed or left to be made of wood. The interior of the premises includes a large number of clay products, especially in the case of utensils. The windows must be linen textiles. Wooden tables without tablecloth. The rest of the furniture is also made of wood, rough.

Chandeliers are missing, several wall orFloor lamps that create a soft, diffused light. On the floor of the boards it is desirable to lay homespun rugs and paths. The interior is dominated by natural colors, which are combined with an old tree. The ceilings are an invariable attribute of the ceiling. But without a fireplace this house is impossible. The tree can be of different shades: from light to dark. Windows are made in different sizes. Completely absent lace with velvet, ruffles with ruches. Everything should be as simple as possible.

Modern chalet-style houses are often builtOf brick, wood and stone serve as a finishing material. When building a house you can plan many windows of different sizes, several balconies, a terrace, a bay window. The modern exterior of the house is somewhat glamorous. Interior should be created according to all the rules of style.

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