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Brownie in the apartment


Mysticism has always attracted people. Even in the times of Ancient Rus there were rumors about the house-owners, who are guardians of the house, and if they do not like something, they will certainly try to "annoy" other inhabitants of the apartment. Rumors are rumors, but if you began to notice that the things left by you disappear, and at night the cat constantly mews at someone, then it's worth doing what our ancestors did from time immemorial - to cajole the brownie.

Different eyewitnesses claim that repeatedlyMet with the brownie, who change their appearance - then he is an old grandfather, a strong man, or even a snow-white cat. But if the brownie is in the guise of one of the family members, then this is a bad sign that can talk about the troubles that are coming on the family.

Communication, but if heWill want to warn the household of the problems that await them, then he can create a variety of incomprehensible sounds. For example, knock on the bath or rustle in the corner. Some say that a houseboy can even pinch them in a dream. When you wake up, you need to ask for good or bad.

If the tenants are not good to the householder, then heCan leave the apartment, and this is not good. Make friends is the best option. There is a rite according to which on a dark night from Sunday to Monday you need to leave on the edge of the table a peeled potato, a cookie or a bowl of milk. This is a kind of presentation, a sacrifice to the creation that protects you. Brownies are very happy when the owners of the apartment do not forget about them and indulge in treats.

Relations between the brownies and animals can also beDifferent. It often happens that cats appear in the house at regular intervals, but they all escape or fall sick. It is believed that in this case, the relationship between the cat and the brownie is to blame, which did not work out. But if the brownie made friends with the animal, then he will cherish and cherish him. Often people say that you need to choose the color of the pet in the suit to the master - that's how the brownie will be pleased.

House can be completely different - jokers and mischievous, always dissatisfied, strict and generous.

If you notice that your thing is gone, then you can ask the mischief to return it, but if that does not help, then kindly chide the housekeeper and you will surely find the loss.

If your house is newly built, it is unlikely that youLives a house, but you can call him to yourself. Before you move out of the old apartment, put a bag on the doorstep and call the housekeeper with him to the new dwelling.

Small owners of apartments and houses like cleanliness and order, so it is worth regularly cleaning up your home.

If you make friends with your brownie, then he will certainly protect your house from misfortune, and you from diseases and sorrows.

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