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HOUSE-cots for cats

House-bed for cats

Dogs and cats love secluded, shaded place, where you can retire, sleep, and that no one could disturb.

House-bed would be the best holiday destination fluffy lady.

You will need

  • - Foam rubber (2 cm thick) -
  • - sintepon-
  • - Satin fabric (spoiled cover) -
  • - artificial fur-



Follow house drawing. Make the base oval bedrooms, 2 drawing circle with a radius of 20 cm spacing between centers of 10 cm.
The value must correspond to the length of a sideOval:.. the circumference with a radius of 20 cm plus 20 cm, ie, the distances between the two circles. The formula length range = 2pR. In this case 3.14159 x 2 x 20 + 20 = 145.66 cm (150 cm).


Will cut into the rim and the recess in the roof for the entrance height 10 cm depth rim -. 20 cm.


Fabricate oval roof to create the same asand the base circle with a radius - 30 cm. The perimeter of the oval is equal to 2 x 3.14159 x 30 + 20 = 208, 49 cm turns out about 60 cm difference between the base and the roof, which makes the convex roof..
4 will cut in the roof of the wedge, one wedge base length - 15 cm (60: 4 = 15 cm).


Make a pattern according to the drawings. Assemble the frame house and obsheyte his cloth: inner lining bedrooms - artificial fur, and outdoor - atlas.


Pattern Pillow follow the externalthe size of the bottom. Use as a filling thick padding polyester, folded in four (thin - 8 times). Secure the perimeter cushion sintepon few stitches, so he does not fall down and put in a pillowcase.

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