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HOT keys Windows 10


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To manage virtual desktops, you need to remember the following set of hotkeys:

  • WIN + Ctrl + D to open a new workspace-
  • WIN + Ctrl + left key to go to the left desktop-
  • WIN + Ctrl + right key to go to the right desktop-
  • WIN + Ctrl + F4 to close the active desktop-
  • WIN + Tab to view all existing desktops.

To work with the command line, you mustActivate hotkey support through the Start menu - & gt- Command Prompt or via the Run window, by pressing Win + R and typing CMD or cmd.exe. Right-click on the title of the window that opens and select Properties - & gt- Options.

It is necessary to remove the tick from the Use legacy console option and put the necessary ones by activating the hot keys:

  • Shift + left key to highlight the text to the left of the cursor-
  • Shift + the "right" key to highlight the text to the right of the cursor-
  • Ctr l + Shift + left / right key to select blocks-
  • Ctrl + C to copy-
  • Ctrl + V for insertion-
  • Ctrl + A to select text in a line.

To use the Game DVR option while playing on the console, you can use the following hotkeys:

  • WIN + PrtScr to create screenshot-
  • WIN + G to run Game DVR-
  • WIN + Alt + G to start recording-
  • WIN + Alt + R to stop recording-
  • WIN + P to switch between monitors-
  • WIN + plus key to increase-
  • WIN + minus key to decrease.

The rest of the hotkeys moved almost completely into Windows 10 without any changes.

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