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HOT Windows 10 keys

Windows Hot Keys 10

With the new version of the operating system from Microsoft users were able to learn new shortcuts in Windows 10.

Make it work on Windows 10 effectively and quickly help the updated list of hot keys.

The app allows you to open Snap Assist4 to simultaneously align their windows and the desktop convenient way. In addition to controlling the mouse, you can remember a number of hot keys to move the active window:

  • WIN + key "left" -
  • WIN + key "right" -
  • WIN + key "up" -
  • WIN + key "down".

To manage virtual desktops need to remember the following set of keyboard shortcuts:

  • WIN + Ctrl + D to open a new space-worker
  • WIN + Ctrl + «left" key to move to the left a working desk-
  • WIN + Ctrl + «right» key to go to the right working desk-
  • WIN + Ctrl + F4 to close the active working stola-
  • WIN + Tab to view all existing desktops.

To work with the command line necessaryactivate hotkeys through the menu «Start» - & gt- Command Prompt or the Run box by pressing Win + R and typing CMD, or cmd.exe. Click the right mouse button on the header of the new window and select Properties - & gt- Options.

You need to remove the check mark from the option Use legacy console and put the necessary, activating the keyboard shortcuts:

  • Shift + key "left" to highlight text to the left of kursora-
  • Shift + key "right" to select text to the right of kursora-
  • Ctr l + Shift + key "Left / Right" to highlight blocks-
  • Ctrl + C to kopirovaniya-
  • Ctrl + V to vstavki-
  • Ctrl + A to select text in a row.

To use the Game DVR option while playing on the console, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • WIN + PrtScr to create a screenshot screen-
  • WIN + G to start Game DVR-
  • WIN + Alt + G to start Record-
  • WIN + Alt + R to stop Record-
  • WIN + P to toggle between monitorami-
  • WIN + «plus» for the Zoom button
  • WIN + key "minus" to decrease.

The rest of the keyboard shortcuts almost at full strength went to Windows 10 without modification.

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