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HOT keys Windows 10


Windows 10 Hot Keys

With the advent of the new version of the operating system from Microsoft, users were able to learn new hotkeys in Windows 10.

Make the work on Windows 10 more efficient and faster will help update the list of hot keys.

The Snap Assist application allows you to openSimultaneously up to 4 windows and build them on the desktop in a convenient way. In addition to controlling the mouse, you can memorize a number of hotkeys to move the active window:

  • WIN + key "left" -
  • WIN + key "right" -
  • WIN + up key -
  • WIN + the "down" key.

To manage virtual desktops, you need to remember the following set of hotkeys:

  • WIN + Ctrl + D to open a new workspace-
  • WIN + Ctrl + left key to go to the left desktop-
  • WIN + Ctrl + right key to go to the right desktop-
  • WIN + Ctrl + F4 to close the active desktop-
  • WIN + Tab to view all existing desktops.

To work with the command line, you mustActivate hotkey support through the Start menu - & gt- Command Prompt or via the Run window, by pressing Win + R and typing CMD or cmd.exe. Right-click on the title of the window that opens and select Properties - & gt- Options.

It is necessary to remove the tick from the Use legacy console option and put the necessary ones by activating the hot keys:

  • Shift + left key to highlight the text to the left of the cursor-
  • Shift + the "right" key to highlight the text to the right of the cursor-
  • Ctr l + Shift + left / right key to select blocks-
  • Ctrl + C to copy-
  • Ctrl + V for insertion-
  • Ctrl + A to select text in a line.

To use the Game DVR option while playing on the console, you can use the following hotkeys:

  • WIN + PrtScr to create screenshot-
  • WIN + G to run Game DVR-
  • WIN + Alt + G to start recording-
  • WIN + Alt + R to stop recording-
  • WIN + P to switch between monitors-
  • WIN + plus key to increase-
  • WIN + minus key to decrease.

The rest of the hotkeys moved almost completely into Windows 10 without any changes.

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