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HOT hair wrap silk

Hot wrap hair silk

One of the most effective treatments for damaged, weak hair is now considered a hot wrap silk or lamination.

The result of this procedure, the salon will be noticeable within three weeks.

Natural silk - salvation for dry,thinning, dyed hair and split ends. Hot wrap allows for only one procedure significantly improve the condition of curls. Useful components contained in silk during lamination core penetrate the hair while protecting the scalp.

All advantages of the hot wraps hair silk

Lamination or hot hair wrapusing silk shown in many cases. The active ingredients allow you to restore brittle hair, reduce scalp inflammation. Smoothing action helps restore shine curls and make them more obedient, alive.

Immediately after completion of the hot hair wrapping possible manifestation scalp redness, which may persist for several minutes.

Hot wrap silk has almost nocontraindicated. Moreover, the procedure can be repeated several times, almost immediately after the completion of the previous lamination. Wrapping shown with split ends, a strong loss of hair after coloring or perm. Also, the "first aid" in the form of silk wraps help if cracks, uneven skin of the head, frequent inflammations.
It is recommended to do a hot hair wrap before painting, in order to reduce the negative impact of the coloring compositions. Perform lamination is 2-3 weeks before the upcoming staining.

Stages of hot wraps silk

With the help of a hot wrap silk canrestore lipid levels, achieve an increase in skin elasticity. The procedure provides maximum hydration to the hair, consists of several stages. Perform lamination silk is only tested in the cabin, not to hurt the hair.

Hot wrap silk can be performed on already colored hair - just wait 3-4 days after giving the strands of the desired shade.

1, deep cleansing. For this is applied to the hair shampoo containing silk proteins. After shampooing enough wet hair with a towel.
2, the composition application. Using a comb, a master on strike strands agent for silk wraps, departing from the roots. The composition must distribute it and leave to soak for 5 minutes. washed off under running water Lay curls film or cloth should not be further remedy.
3; the outcomes. On damp hair for 2 minutes to apply a special serum, after which you can wash off the makeup.
On average, the procedure of hot silkwrap lasts about two hours. After the lamination can be used for hair cosmetics for home care, they will prolong the therapeutic effect.

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