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HOT Wrap of Silk Hair


Hot wrapping of hair with silk</a>

One of the most effective ways to treat damaged, weakened hair today is considered a hot wrap with silk or lamination.

The result of this salon procedure will be noticeable within three weeks.

Natural silk is a salvation for dry,Thinned, split and colored hair. Hot wrap allows you to significantly improve the condition of ringlets in just one procedure. Useful components contained in silk, during lamination penetrate the core of the hair, while protecting the scalp.

All the advantages of hot wrapping hair silk

Laminating or hot wrapping hair withThe use of silk is shown in many cases. Active substances can restore fragile hair, reduce the level of inflammation of the scalp. Smoothing action helps to restore the radiance of curls, make them more docile, alive.

Immediately after the completion of the hot wrap for the hair, reddening of the scalp may occur, which can persist for several minutes.

Hot wrapping with silk practically does not haveContraindications. Moreover, the procedure can be repeated many times, almost immediately after the completion of the previous lamination. The wrap is shown with split ends, strong hair loss, after staining or perm. Also, "ambulance" in the form of silk wraps will help in the presence of cracks, uneven scalp, frequent inflammation.
It is recommended to do hot wrapping of hair before painting, in order to reduce the negative effect of coloring compounds. Perform laminating is 2-3 weeks before the upcoming staining.

Stages of hot silk wrapping

With the help of hot silk wrapping, you canRestore the hydrolipid level, achieve an increase in skin elasticity. The procedure that provides maximum hydration for the hair, consists of several stages. Perform laminating silk is only in a tested interior, so as not to harm the hair.

Hot wrapping with silk can be performed on already dyed hair - enough to wait 3-4 days after giving the strands the right shade.

1. Deep cleansing of the skin. To do this, the hair is applied shampoo with the content of silk proteins. After washing your head, it is enough to get your hair wet with a towel.
2. Application of the formulation. Using a hairbrush, the master will put on the strands a means for silk wrapping, retreating from the roots. The composition should be evenly distributed and leave it to soak for 5 minutes. Cover the curls with a film or cloth should not be, then the product is washed off with running water.
3. Fixing the result. On wet hair for 2 minutes, a special serum is applied, after which it is possible to wash off the composition.
On average, the procedure of hot silkWraps last about two hours. After performing the lamination for the hair, cosmetic products for home care can be used, they will prolong the therapeutic effect.

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