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HOT body wrap


Hot wrapping</a>

The hot wrap differs from the cold one in that the applied compositions are heated to a temperature slightly higher than the body temperature, 37-38 degrees.

A higher temperature will be stressful for the body.

Thermal effect can enhance the substances added to the mask for wrapping, for example, cinnamon, pepper, ginger, special anti-cellulite body gels.

Hot wraps are performed in order to reduce stretch marks, body volume, increase skin elasticity. The procedure helps to get rid of cellulite and eliminate toxins.
Contraindications to hot wrap - diseases of veins, cardiovascular system, oncological diseases, pregnancy and various injuries and skin diseases.
Before the procedure, it is necessary to thoroughly cleanse the skin with a scrub to open the pores to prepare the skin for the taking of active substances.
Hot oil wrap
To prepare the mixture you will need olive oil orCoconut oil in an amount of 50 ml, as well as any essential oil at will (4-5 drops). The mixture of oils must be heated on a steam bath in a sealed container to the desired temperature (about 40 degrees).
After applying the mask on the body, from aboveA food film is wrapped around, and warm clothing or a blanket is put on to keep heat from above. The time of exposure to the mask is from 15 to 30 minutes, after which the composition should be washed off with warm water and apply the body cream. A good result can be obtained if you use an anti-cellulite thermogel.
The course includes 15 procedures, with the first 4-5 to be done every day, the next - with an interval of 2-3 days. To consolidate the effect, the wrap is then done once a week.

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