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HONEY wrapping for weight loss


Honey wrap for weight loss</a>

Honey is a source of health, beauty, good mood. Since ancient times, honey has been used as a component in cosmetic procedures.

Its relevance has not diminished for centuries: women from all over the world prefer to use honey more often than all other natural components.

Honey wrap - an effective tool in the fight against excess fat

Honey helps to tighten and renew the skin, removesOld and dead cells, gives a healthy shine and softness. In addition, honey helps to get rid of cellulite, which in the end can be seen on the scales - up to 3 kilograms can be lost only by honey wraps, but this is only if cellulite and excess weight do take place. So, how is it best to use honey for wraps?

Honey wrap at home

Wrapping procedure can be obtained inCosmetic salons, then you do not have to find the means and ways yourself, it is only necessary to pay for the service. But honey wrapping will cost much less if you spend it at home. For this you need to stock up:

  • Body scrub-
  • Anti-cellulite cream-
  • Liquid honey-
  • Mustard-
  • Oil, better olive-
  • Food film (enough for 1 roll).

First you need to prepare the skin: It must be clean, dry. A scrub is needed to exfoliate dead cells that are on the surface of the skin. Now prepare a mask for the body: for this you need about 400 grams of honey (this is 10-15 tablespoons), 50-80 grams of mustard powder and 1 tbsp. Spoon of oil. All this must be mixed and a homogeneous mass obtained.

This mixture should be applied to the skin and turn aroundFilm in several layers. During the honey wrap, it is better not to move, but to lie or sit, wrapping the problem areas with a blanket or blanket. So mustard will act faster, you will feel the heat and burning. It is necessary to endure these feelings. But if the skin literally "burns", then it is best to wash the mask off. This can mean an increased sensitivity to components or even allergies. Therefore, before wrapping, check yourself for the tolerance of oil, mustard and honey.

Honey wrap: recipes

Honey wrap should be about 40Minutes. Instead of mustard, you can use red powder. But this mixture must be prepared very carefully, it is best to buy ready-made mass for wraps, in order to avoid burns.

In order to get rid of the weakly expressedCellulite, a wrapping based on another recipe is suitable: you need to mix honey and a couple drops of citrus essential oils. The rest of the procedure is the same as with honey-mustard wrapping.

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