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HONEY wrap slimming

Honey wrap slimming

Honey - a source of health, beauty, good mood. Since ancient times, honey was used as an ingredient in cosmetic procedures.

Its relevance has not diminished at all ages: Women from around the world prefer to use honey more often than all other natural ingredients.

Honey wrap - an effective tool in the fight against excess fat

Honey helps to tighten and refresh your skin, removesold and dead cells, gives a healthy shine and softness. In addition, the honey helps to get rid of cellulite, with the result that can be seen on the scale - only one honey wraps can lose up to 3 kilos, but it is only in the case of cellulite and overweight actually have a place to be. So, how best to use honey for body wraps?

Honey wrap at home

wrapping procedure may be prepared inbeauty salons, then there will have to seek ways and means, we need only pay for the service. But honey wrap will cost much cheaper, if you spend it at home. To do this, stock up on:

  • scrub tela-
  • cellulite kremom-
  • liquid medom-
  • gorchitsey-
  • oil, better olivkovym-
  • cling film (enough for 1 roll).

First, you need to prepare your skin: it must be clean and dry. Scrub need to exfoliate dead cells that are on the very surface of the skin. Now prepare for a body mask: it needs about 400 grams of honey (it 10-15 tablespoons.), 50-80 g of mustard powder and 1 tbsp. oil spoon. All this is necessary and mix to obtain a homogeneous mass.

This mixture should be applied on the skin and result infilm in several layers. During honey wrap is better not to move, sit or lie down, wrapped a blanket problem areas or blanket. So mustard will work faster, you will feel the heat and burning. It is necessary to endure these feelings. But if the skin is literally "burning", it is best to wash off the mask. This may indicate an increased sensitivity to components, or even allergies. Therefore, before wrapping yourself in check tolerability oil, mustard and honey.

Honey Wrap: recipes

Conduct honey wrap should be about 40minutes. Instead, you can use mustard red powder. However, such a mixture must be prepared very carefully, it is best to buy a lot of ready-made for wrapping, in order to avoid burns.

In order to get rid of mildcellulite wrap approach, based on a different recipe: you need to mix honey and a few drops of citrus essential oils. The rest of the procedure is the same as in honey mustard wrap.

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