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Homosexuality: a disease or a norm of life


Homosexuality has so far been little studied, but scientists around the world already know whether non-traditional sexual orientation is a disease, a way of life or a model of behavior inherent in nature.

Homosexuality: a disease or a norm of life
Congenital homosexuality is very rarePhenomenon. In fact, people who are born with an unconventional orientation, about two percent around the world. That is, real gays can be met as rarely as Siamese twins.

This raises a fair question: "Then how come there are so many supporters of same-sex love in the world?" Only among some Hollywood stars - many people with non-traditional sexual orientation. Actors, fashion designers, singers, models boldly declare their preferences for their sex. It became fashionable to do it. Many admirers of stars begin to imitate the stars of show business. In countries where homosexual marriages are legalized, it is no longer a shame to be gay and to declare it publicly.

What is this: Psychophysical pathology, norm of life or deviation? Various experts from the field of sociology, medicine, and psychology are struggling to solve this problem. At present, democratic views are very developed, and people respect the choices of others. Here and there you can meet kissing men.

Unisexual love existed at all times. Many kings were not shy about their attachments to men and did not hide it. By the way, even among primitive people homosexual contacts were as frequent as heterosexual. Also, homosexuality occurs in cattle, higher primates and in some species of birds.

From the history

In countries such as Greece, Persia and RomeThe love of the Greeks for boys was compulsory. They believed that the intimate relationship of a young man with older men introduced him to adulthood. In ancient Greece, they treated one-sex love very seriously. Relations between the representatives of the strong half of mankind rose. It was believed that the feelings between men were filled with moral charm.

During the spread of Christianity, the same-sexLove began to be considered a deadly sin. The gays began to pursue, to humiliate, to execute. Despite this, homosexuality continued to flourish. In the Middle Ages in Europe, members of the monasteries believed that heterosexual contact was an even greater sin than homosexual contact.


At all times people have expressed differentAssumptions concerning the appearance of homosexuality. Apparently, only a few people are born with nontraditional sexual predilections. But this does not mean that gays are sick people. They just are not like everyone else. The rest of the men become homosexuals because of imposed ideals, imitation of idols, fashion, psychological trauma of childhood.

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