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Homemade sauces


Ketchup, mayonnaise is, of course, good, but on holiday you can cook your own sauce. It will take you not so much time, but it is much more useful and tastier than the store product.

Homemade sauces



1/2 glasses of mayonnaise, 3 tbsp. Spoons finely grated turnips, 3 tbsp. Spoons of chopped walnuts, 4 cloves of garlic.
Mix everything .. Melt in the saucepan 2 tbsp. Tablespoons of butter. Add there I st. Lie in a loaf of flour and fry until golden. After that, pour in a glass of vegetable or meat broth. Stir, cook a little. Salt, pepper and add 1 cup of sour cream. Stir and cook a little more. At the end crumble into the sauce shredded herbs (dill or parsley).


Sour-tomato sauce.
Prepare the sauce according to the recipe "Sour cream". In 1 tbsp. Spoon a little butter fry 1-1,5 st. Spoons of tomato paste. Then add sour cream sauce, stir and cook a little.


Sour cream with horseradish.
Prepare the sauce according to the recipe "Sour cream". In the end, add 3 tbsp. Spoons of horseradish with lemon. Then remove from the fire.


2 tbsp. Spoons of flour fry until brownish color for 2 tbsp. Tablespoons of butter. After pour 2 cups of vegetable broth, mix and cook over low heat. Add salt and sugar, focusing on your taste, and squeeze out the juice from 100 g of cranberries. Stir and cook a little.


Mayonnaise will be tastier if in usual mayonnaise add 2 finely grated egg yolks and 1 tbsp. Spoon of mustard. All whisk in a homogeneous mass.

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