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Home remedies for hair styling

Hair Styling

Now on the shelves a large selection of styling, as a rule, do not always contain useful ingredients in its composition.

For those who want to keep their hair healthy, but do not want to give up the beautiful hair styling and hair - there are domestic, traditional recipes.

"Beer lacquer"
Prepare 0.5 cups of beer.
Hair rinse shampoo, wet towel, so they stay moist. Hair slightly moisten evenly beer along the entire length, then formed curls or Lay hairdryer.
Result: elastic beautiful curls will hold until the next shampooing. This facility will provide not only a good fit, but also a part of the beer - brewer's yeast, strengthen the hair and make them stronger and shinier.
"Gel Gelatin"
Cook: 1 tbsp. spoonful of gelatine, a glass of water.
Gelatin pour a glass of cold water, wait,when fully swell. Put on fire and slowly heat, not boiling. When the self-made gel cools it can be used as an ordinary hair gel. But it should not be long to keep the hair, preferably after exercise to wash away the hair.
"Resuscitation hairstyles"
If an urgent need to fix her hair and on hand have no means of laying, then you can bring to bear fruit, but only citrus. Well suited kiwi, lime, lemon, grapefruit, etc.
Just squeeze a little juice in hand, rub into the palm and touch up her hair. A nice bonus of such funds - the aroma of fruit.

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