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Homemade hair styling products


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Now on the shelves of a large selection of hair styling products, as a rule, do not always contain useful ingredients in its composition.

For those who want to keep their hair healthy, but does not want to give up beautiful stylings and hairstyles - there are homemade, folk recipes.

«Beer lacquer»
Prepare: 0.5 cups of beer.
Wash hair well with shampoo, get soaked with a towel to keep it moist. Hair slightly moistened evenly with beer over the entire length, then form curls or lay with a hairdryer.
Result: Elastic beautiful curls will hold until the next washing of the head. This means will not only give a good fixation, but also the beer yeast, which will make the hair stronger and shiny.
Gelatin gel
Prepare: 1 tbsp. Spoon gelatin, a glass of water.
Gelatin pour a glass of cold water, wait,When completely swells. Put on a fire and slowly heat, not leading to a boil. When the homemade gel cools it can be used as an ordinary hair gel. But you should not keep it on your hair for a long time, it is advisable to wash off the hair after the event.
«Resuscitation of hairstyle»
If you need to quickly fix the hair, and at hand there are no styling tools, then you can use the fruit, but only citrus. Good for kiwi, lime, lemon, grapefruit, etc.
Just squeeze a little juice into your hand, rub it in your hands and tuck your hair up. A pleasant bonus from such a tool is the aroma of fruit.

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