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HOME remedies for fleas


Home remedies for fleas</a>

Fleas are harmful not only for pets, but also for humans. After all, they can be carriers of various infections.

Many animals are very sensitive to the bites of these insects.

In addition, they can damage themselves and scratches by combing bites.

The following home remedies will help get rid of your pet's fleas and cure painful bites.



Rosemary is one of the most effectiveMedicinal herbs from fleas. You can use both seeds and essential oil of rosemary. Grind the seeds of rosemary into powder and sprinkle the skin of your pet. Either add a few drops of essential oil of rosemary in the water to bathe the pet. Rosemary will help not only to get rid of fleas, but also to remove inflammation from the skin.


Fennel. Just like the seeds of rosemary, you can use fennel seeds. Also they can be mixed with each other and sprinkled in places of flea accumulation.


Garlic. Add one clove of finely chopped garlic to the pet food every day. It is believed that garlic scares away fleas.


Tea tree oil has antiseptic andAnti-inflammatory properties. Mix an equal amount of tea tree oil and water in a spray gun. Spray the itching areas of the animal's body with this water.


Aloe vera juice is considered very effectiveA remedy for fleas and bites. It is non-toxic, so it has no side effects. Just apply the aloe juice to the bites. This will give temporary relief in places of skin irritation.


Vinegar. Add a little vinegar as a disinfectant to the pet bathing water.


Take the anti-collar collar, cut itInto several parts and place in a cluster of fleas. Also, you can put a couple of pieces in the dust collector of the vacuum cleaner so that fleas can not get out back.


More often do a wet cleaning with the addition of lemon juice or salt in the water.

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