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Homemade squirrel: conditions of detention



Today it is fashionable to house unusual animals. One of the bottoms is protein.

Despite the fact that this animal is a forest inhabitant, it adapts well to the home content.

By purchasing such a rodent, you need to know how to properly care for him and keep the house, so that he lived a long and happy life and rejoiced his masters.

Conditions for keeping the proteins at home

To feed a squirrel

Proteins quite easily get used to a person, but this does not always happen. Each animal has its own individual character.

This forest animal, unlike many othersRodents, is awake during the day, which is very good for keeping it at home. Another feature of the protein is its activity. She is constantly busy, moving. Therefore, it's nice to watch it, you do not get bored with such a beast. In addition, she is curious and trusting, which is also positive for domestic animals.
When organizing the habitat of squirrels, you needRemember its features. To make her not bored, feel comfortable, choose a cage for her spacious and light, inside of which make a "hollow", where the animal can rest and retire if necessary. A cage for one little animal is the most optimal size of 120x120x120, while its house-hollow can occupy about a third of the entire space. The frame of its cage should be metallic, otherwise it can gnaw it and run away. For the entertainment of the rodent, put a wheel in which she can run in plenty. In addition, in the house of squirrels you need to put a thick branch, about it the animal will sharpen its teeth and claws that grow in her throughout life. It is advisable to make many different levels in the cage, through which it can jump and spend its enormous energy.
Do not forget to clean up regularly in a cageAnimal. If he is well-bred you can sometimes let him take a walk around the house, only under supervision. Otherwise, this rodent can spoil your furniture. Such walks will bring a variety in the life of squirrels, improve her mood, satisfy curiosity and allow you to throw out energy.

Care of the squirrel and its feeding

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In no case do not overfeed the protein, it is harmful to her health and can lead to the death of the animal.

In the diet of these rodents must necessarilyContain nuts, fruits, vegetables, seeds, berries, mushrooms, shoots and even buds. Sometimes they can be eaten by bird eggs, hard-boiled and insects. The latter can be replaced with flour worms, powder from beef and fish bones. Squirrels can be given dried fruit, unopened fir and pine cones, acorns, sunflower seeds, cereals, pumpkin or flax seeds, dried mushrooms, white bread or biscuits. Sometimes it will be useful for her to drink milk, eat curd or cheese. Do not forget to pour fresh water every day, which should be available around the clock. Do not feed the animal with almonds, as well as salty, smoked, sweet and fried foods. Such food is harmful to the rodent and can kill him.
In the care of protein unpretentious. She does not need to bathe or cut her fur. She watches her own skin. You can only comb it occasionally during moulting periods to facilitate and speed up the process. Do not forget to clean the cage, about 2-3 times a week. Especially you need to monitor the protein stored in the squirrel, so that they do not spoil remove them.
The guarantee of a healthy squirrel is a moderateNutrition and active movement. Every day it should receive 45-50 gr. Diverse feed. In nature, they live about 3-4 years. In good home conditions, she can live up to 10, and in rare cases even up to 15 years.

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