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Home pâté: cooking secrets


Pates are ideal for snacks, they can beUse for snacks and hearty breakfasts or add to other dishes as fillings. The best pâté is pâté, prepared independently, you just need to follow the recipe strictly and know some secrets and rules.

Home pate

Pate is a wiped mass for the preparation of which meat, vegetables, mushrooms, fish or liver are used. To give flavor and flavor to the pate, add spices, nuts, greens or olives.

How to cook pate

For pate, the most important is the correctGrinding of the products so that it is elastic, homogeneous and has a paste consistency. Salt should be added after the ingredients are mixed, but before grinding - this will make the taste of the paste homogeneous.

Greenery can be added to fresh pate or boiled in boiling water for 1-2 minutes.

For preparation of pate it is recommendedUse fresh meat in which there are no tendons. To begin with, the meat needs to be scrolled in a meat grinder, and then wiped through a sieve - the pate will turn out to be tender and airy. As additives, you can use greens, garlic, mushrooms, dried fruits, nuts or onions.

Fat cream, broth or sour cream is usedFor the preparation of pate, so that it is not dry. Some recipes provide for wine or cognac, which give the dish an original flavor and a unique aroma.

Fish pâtés are made from fillets. You can use red and white fish, but without skin, as it spoils the color of the finished product. Fish for the preparation of pate may be boiled, dried or canned. As additives, you can use cheese, nuts, cheese, greens or zest.

Pate from the liver should be made from a smooth,Elastic and uniformly colored product. The liver should not smell, its color should not be too dark. In the liver pate you can safely add sour cream, carrots, onions, greens, cream, boiled eggs.

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