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Homemade minced meat


What is the secret of unusual taste, tenderness andJuiciness of cutlets, meatballs, bits, pelmeni and other meat products? Of course, as stuffing! Fragrant homemade chops are worth it to work on. Moreover, it's not difficult to make delicious and original stuffing.

Homemade minced meat



Choose the composition of the future stuffing. It can be made both from one kind of meat, and from meat "assorted". The latter option is preferable - changing the proportions, you can get a different taste and consistency of the final product. For example, the addition of pork will make the beef stuffing more fat and tender, and the addition to a mixture of a small amount of mutton minced meat or chopped lamb will add a piquant note to cutlets or meatballs. Not a bad option - the addition of tender and dietary chicken minced meat to beef meat - this mixture is great for dietary nutrition.


Cooked meat for minced meat should be properlyRinse, remove skin, veins, bones, cut the prepared product with small pieces. Now it's a meat grinder. Advantage of forcemeat is that for it you can use any pieces - fillets, slices, all sorts of meat "unconditioned." Without much damage to the taste, minced meat can be made from ice cream, paired or chilled meat. However, you need to make sure that veins and small bones do not get into the meat grinder. Use only quality meat - a spoiled piece can spoil all the minced meat.


In minced meat for bitters or cutlets it is worth addingA little bread, soaked in milk - this will make it airy and juicy. Put a raw whole egg in the mixture - it will give the future cutlets elasticity and help to keep their neat shape. In minced meat, intended for chebureks or belaya, you can drip soy sauce - it will reveal the taste of meat and give it the necessary piquancy.


The necessary component of minced meat is spices. The lack of salt will ruin even the most successful recipe. Therefore do not hesitate to try forcemeat during cooking. It's nice to add dried herbs - parsley, celery, dill or rosemary. A pinch of thyme will give the dish a taste of French cuisine, well, the basil is suitable for dishes in Italian.


The obligatory component of good stuffing is onions. Most often it is added raw, directly during the grinding of meat. But you can give the stuffing an interesting flavor nuance, adding not raw, but pre-fried finely chopped onion. Not bad and garlic. A few finely chopped raw denticles will give an appetizing aroma and taste to not even a very successful minced meat - for example, a purchased one.


The final stage of preparation is mixingOf the resulting mixture. It's better not to do it with a spoon, but with your hands. Cooks are assured that it is such a mince that turns out to be really tasty. It "kneads" as a dough, turning into a homogeneous, plastic mass. The resulting mincemeat should look appetizing and smell - this is a sure sign that it has turned out to be a quality one.

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