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HOME magic to protect your home

Home magic to protect your home

Protect your home from negativity and to create a favorable atmosphere in it very easily.

To do this, the hostess needs to know and observe a number of rules.

You will need

  • Take some time to read and remember the simple tips.



Broom in the building is always necessary to have only one. He should stand up a broom. Thus, you increase the flow of money in your home.


You can not clean the house or apartment during the holidays. By doing this, we are violating the divine energy that comes into our house.


Rubbish need for revenge on the threshold of the house. We are lured to their money this way.


Tale of the ward entrance door, then no negative to you in the house will not penetrate.


Wash dishes immediately after the guests do not wait for their departure. So you remove all negative information, penetrated to your house.


Never once do not wear new thing. No matter you buy it or it is a gift. First thing you need to clean or fumigate.


Another way to protect against negativity. Arriving home, take a bath, wash your shoes, change clothes.


You can not hang a mirror opposite the entrance. This deploying energy and chase her out of the house. Nor can hold a mirror mosaic form that separates man into fragments.

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