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Homemade drinks for children


Every person is thirsty, especially inA hot season. And children who do not sit still feel their thirst even sharper. Drinks in the store now, of course, a huge choice, only their health benefits, especially children's, is highly questionable. Try to make home beverages yourself - they are both more useful and tastier than purchased ones.

Homemade drinks for children



On TV often advertise variousDrinking yoghurts. They can easily be made at home. This will require kefir and jam. In the usual kefir is added a favorite jam, a little sugar and a little warm water. If you strain the resulting yogurt and pour into the bottle, the child will not distinguish it from the one bought in the store.


Often children do not like milk very much. But it is very useful for a child's body. You can make a cocktail with your own hands, which is sure to please your baby. Razumnite in the blender one chopped banana. Pour half a liter of warm milk, for taste you can add a spoon of honey or syrup. Whisk for a minute, then pour over the glasses.


In the cold season, the drink should not onlyQuench your thirst, but also warm it. This is best done by traditional cocoa cooked according to a traditional recipe. To do this, the cocoa powder is ground with a small amount of milk and sugar, then it is poured with the right amount of hot milk and cooked on a plate on low heat until it boils. Such cocoa can be drunk in the winter with added yolk or cream, and in the summer - with ice cream.

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