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HOLIDAY hapama or Armenian Halloween

hapama Holiday or Armenian Halloween

The American holiday of Halloween, originating since the Celtic beliefs, has now become popular worldwide.

But every nation in their own way celebrates All Saints Day: so Armenians prefer to use the pumpkin is not for the manufacture of flashlights and for making fragrant hapamy.

Armenian Halloween

In late October, the entire Western world celebratesAll Saints - Halloween, today this tradition is beginning to spread around the world. Attributes Halloween - pumpkins, candles, witch costumes - is becoming popular in many countries due to globalization. But each nation brings to their national customs in the celebration of the day when the spirits of the dead returned to earth.

One of the symbols of Halloween - the pumpkin, butAmerican tradition it is not prepared for the holiday (usually only served as a candy pumpkin), and make of it the so-called jack-o'-lantern. At the core of the pumpkin is cut, cut through sinister face, and put a candle inside. These lights are designed to ward off the spirits of the house.

But in other countries, is an important pumpkinin culinary tradition, so during the celebration of All Saints Day, it is often used for cooking. Armenians, for example, has long been prepared hapama dish for holidays and events. This stuffed pumpkin necessarily present at the table during the wedding, as symbolized sweet and rich life. And today it is traditionally prepared on October 31 for Halloween with the Armenian bias.


Hapama usually made from large pumpkins asthis dish is designed for a large number of people. But to prepare the Armenian hapamy Halloween pumpkins can be taken smaller, for example, one for each person, or choose one big pumpkin. Armenians use different stuffing, add fruit, dried fruit, honey and other sweets.

There are many recipes hapamy, but basically they are all the same: the main ingredients - pumpkin, rice and sweets.

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First, prepare the pumpkin - a well-washed,cut off the tip of a tail, to get the lid off the pot pumpkin. It is advisable not to cut in a straight line and at an angle to get a cone, which will be more fit snugly during cooking. Spoon pumpkin you need to put all the contents until there remain only the walls of the pot. If the walls get too thick, you can cut part of the flesh and add to the stuffing. After that, wash the pumpkin again.

Rice boiled in water until soft andis cooled. To prepare the filling, in Fig added sliced ​​fruits and dried fruits, pumpkin pulp, nuts, sugar and cinnamon. Pumpkin is necessary to lubricate the inside of butter and put the filling, leaving the top spot. Figure put a pat of butter and cover with the pumpkin lid.

To filling was tasty and fragrant, it is possible to add the ginger root and lemon zest.

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Hapama baked in the oven on baking paper or silicone mold, the cooking time depends on the size of meals. Once the pumpkin is cut into portions, pour honey and eat.

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