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Holey jeans: rage or bad taste?

Holey jeans: rage or bad taste?

Holey jeans go out of fashion for several years.

Some wear them with pleasure, featuring a beautiful slender legs, others with disgust pass by these things, believing bad taste.

How to look fashionable, but not tasteless dressed

Those who have worn jeans seem distasteful, just do not know how to wear them. If certain conditions are met, you will look at such things modern and stylish.
Artistic cuts with a fringe, or so-called "noodles" looks interesting, and can easily be emphasized, as well as hide the features of the figure. Keep this in mind.

For example, if the hips are wide, distract attention from them with holes at the knees.

Torn jeans and scuffed his cuteholes attract attention to girls who wear such things. Therefore, they should not be put on a modest ladies, not too willing to be in the spotlight.
Holey jeans are perfectly combined withcasual clothes. At the same time, the more holes jeans than they seem to be more "showy" and therefore, the less pretentious to be over. Monochrome T-shirt, plain blouse suit this situation perfectly. Combined with daily ballet flats, the image will be slightly provocative, but at the same time the girl in torn jeans attracts with its tenderness and helplessness.

How to make a stylish ripped jeans

The easiest way to buy a ripped jeans, but you canmake their own hands. To do this, you need to stock up on jeans, nail scissors or blade, cutting board, chalk, pumice stone or emery paper.
First you need to put on jeans and determine the place offuture artistic cut, mark it with chalk. Then, put a leg of the board, not to make an extra hole, and, in fact, it is time to begin to master - cutting "noodle."
To achieve negligence and a "shaggy" holes need to remove the crosswise yarns of denim fabric in the incision area.

Especially stylish ripped jeans become after a few washes.

Fashion scuff get too simple: should pull the leg and the fabric is strongly rubbed with pumice. The main thing - do not overdo it!
Jeans with holes - this is not cast-offs anda sign of lack of taste. Everyone has to choose what he likes and is best suited to his figure, emphasize character and for the girl and her beauty.
Trendy jeans with holes - is a versatile option that is perfect for a friendly party, and for the trip out of town, and even for a business meeting.
And no matter what you choose, be it a business suit or jeans with holes in them, the main thing - the thing must be like for you personally and give a good mood!

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