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How to hold a bow


How to hold a bow</a>

To master the game on an instrument such as a violinIt's not easy at all, and in this process there is not a single detail that needs to be paid less attention - absolutely everything matters and pay attention to all the nuances you need at the very beginning of the class, after all, you will agree that it is much more difficult to retrain.

It is important, of course, and how to keep the bow during the game.



Many teachers in the game of the violin argue,That the hand holding the bow should be lowered, namely, when you take the bow in hand, let the brush fall and your fingers will take their own position.


There is a certain rule that dictates,What fingers and how to hold and control the bow, in principle, does not exist. It can be said that this is a purely subjective matter - it largely depends on your physiological characteristics. Therefore, to understand how to hold the bow, you can only after repeated attempts to understand what position the hands and fingers can achieve the desired result.


Many world-famous violinists, such asSarasate, Joachim and Wieniawski, had their own manner of holding a bow, for each had a special hand, fingers and muscles on hands also individual. For example, Joachim held the bow with the second, third and fourth fingers (not counting the big one), lifting the first finger. And Izaya, for example, holds a bow with the help of the first three fingers, lifting the little finger. Sarasate also held the bow at once with all his fingers and was able at the same time to give his passages lightness and airiness, and the tone of exceptional singing. However, history knows that all these great masters used only the pressure of the brush on the strings of the instrument (this means that it is not worth using the whole hand for this). Of course, we are not given the exact pressure that these famous violinists chose for each individual moment.


Take the bow as you like, putFingers into working position (house) and release the little finger. Draw the bow first through the air, and then through the strings. If the hand is not comfortable, put it and take the bow again.

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