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HOW hold the stock in the store

How to hold the stock in the store

Stores are increasingly lured buyers holding shares, which are able to promote the product to the masses and will implement it.

Typically, the action accompanied by low prices for the product or the presentation of a gift for a purchase.

There are a number of features that should be considered in conducting such activities.



It is necessary to prepare in advance the new price tags and leaflets with information about the conduct of shares. Every employee of a trading hall should be instructed about the conditions shares and know what to answer customer questions.


If the gift is provided for the issuance of a purchasegoods, kindly allocate space in a shopping center or at the exit of the shop for promotional stands. On the desk lay small gifts and flyers, on which is written information about conditions of participation, the procedure of issuing gift and period shares.


It is important to ensure that the goods involved in the sharesIt was of good quality. If the shelf life is coming to an end or its packaging is poor, you should eliminate these products. Otherwise, store this attitude runs the risk of losing the respect of customers and in the fierce competition to lower sales.


Before the first day of shares to warn consumers about the event being prepared. The most convenient way to inform buyers will be cashiers, which displays a check from the cash register, casually mentioned about shares. As a result, store traffic will increase by several times.


At the entrance to the store or on the street to hang informational poster, calling for active participation in the shares shop. The main poster to register in the benefits that the buyer will receive by purchasing the product.


During shares collect questionnaires from participants. Let them answer that they liked sharesWhich they would have preferred modalities, etc. The responses will help to hold the next campaign more effectively.

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