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How to conduct the seminar


Recently, the word "seminar"? Became common and recognized not only among schoolchildren and students, but also for businessmen and directors of companies. With the help of the seminar, the company employees are trained in new knowledge and skills.

Therefore, in the conditions of a post-industrial society, when the possession of information is the main factor in business success, seminars are of great importance.

In order to properly conduct a seminar,It is necessary to adhere to certain rules and requirements. First, you need to analyze the audience for which the seminar is being conducted. After all, the methodology and content of seminars for ordinary workers and managers will differ significantly. Also, it is not necessary to conduct general seminars for managers of different levels. Separately for mid-level managers, separately for higher in ragout executives. When appointing the person responsible for the seminar, make sure that it meets all the requirements and will be able to provide the necessary technical equipment, register participants, organize the preparation and distribution of the necessary materials, and respond successfully to unforeseen changes in the course of work.

When preparing the premises, it is necessary to provide forPointers, nameplates, so that confusion and chaos do not arise. In the beginning, as a rule, the head of the company, or his deputy, speaks with an introductory speech. The basic rule of any seminar is to strictly adhere to the rules. Speakers are given no more than 20-25 minutes for speaking. It is best to limit 10-15 minutes. It is better to leave more time for questions and answers, as this will help you better understand the given material. The use of presentations, manuals, videos, etc. is welcome. At the end of the seminar, it is advisable to arrange a verification of the knowledge received to see the effectiveness of the event.

If the event is delayed, thenProvide a coffee break. To do this, it is necessary to provide personnel who will pour drinks and arrange biscuits or sandwiches on plates. If you need to hold a seminar for several days, it's logical to end it with a buffet table, the organization of a concert or presentation. In the presence of a significant part of out-of-town participants, the organization of an excursion around the city, or, in extreme cases, at the enterprise, is welcomed. Also it is necessary to take care of transport for participants, both nonresident, and local.

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