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HIV and pregnancy: advice from doctors


Every woman has the right to be a mother. Even if she has an HIV infection. However, every HIV-infected woman who becomes pregnant or planning a pregnancy should approach the bearing and birth of the child in an extremely responsible manner, which means that all the recommendations of the doctors are strictly followed.

HIV and pregnancy: advice from doctors
A future mother should remember that her pregnancy is radically different from everyone else if she has HIV. However, the baby can be born quite healthy. It is enough to exert the necessary efforts.

How to conceive without the risk of infection

Care of the child's health should be shown withConception itself. So, on the advice of doctors, if a woman is a carrier of infection in a pair, artificial insemination should be resorted to. At the spouse collect a seminal liquid and during an ovulation enter it in a vagina of the wife. Typically, this is the fourteenth day of the menstrual cycle, when a mature egg leaves the ovary.

If a man is infected in a pair, doctors in the firstTurn carefully examine the partners for the presence of ZPP. Also, special therapy is carried out, the purpose of which is to reduce the risk of infection of the partner. And only after all manipulations, partners can enter into a single unprotected sexual intercourse. With repeated sexual intercourse, the risk of infection increases, so the time of ovulation should be accurately calculated.

Also, if there is HIV in a man, doctors adviseUse the method of fertilization. This method is the safest for both mother and future crumbs. Sperm is cleaned and on a certain day of the menstrual cycle is injected into the vagina.

An important stage is pregnancy

The pregnancy is also importantPeriod in shaping the health of the future son or daughter. Therefore, a woman should immediately register with the AIDS Center. There she will conduct a series of examinations. Their goal is to minimize the risk of HIV transmission from mother to fetus. Pharmacological preparations will also be prescribed.

Also, the future mother should register withGynecologist. At the same time, one should not hide his problem from a doctor. His task is to help you and your future baby. And your task is to fulfill all the doctor's recommendations.

In addition to general tests, such as blood tests,Urine, blood sugar level, it is necessary to donate blood for the definition of viral load. Also an analysis will be made for the determination of the immune status and the general state of the organism. Thanks to these data, the doctor will be able to prescribe antiretroviral therapy.

In the event that a woman did not plan herPregnancy and necessary studies were not performed before conception, analyzes will be performed to identify sexually transmitted diseases. In particular, a blood test for hepatitis will be performed.

Visit your doctor regularly. Follow all his requirements and advice. In the opposite case, the risk of miscarriage or premature birth will increase. And the birth of a baby before the term, will increase the risk of his infection with HIV.

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