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HISTORY of the phenomenon of the Tikhvin icon of the Virgin


History of the phenomenon of the Tikhvin icon of the Virgin</a>

Among the many miraculous icons of the Mother of God, the image of the Tikhvin Mother of God is especially venerated.

On the ninth of July, the Orthodox Church celebrates the day of the appearance of this image.

The phenomenon of the miraculous Tikhvin Icon of the Most HolyThe Virgin Mary was held in 1383 near Tikhvin. Until this time, the holy image was in Constantinople, only on that date he miraculously was transported by air to the mountain near Tikhvin. This event occurred shortly before the capture of Byzantium by the Turks. Until the miracle-working icon was in Tikhvin, the image stopped in some other places (especially temples and chapels). Among the places of the phenomenon of this wonderworking icon are the following: 30 versts from Lake Ladoga, 3 versts from Smolensk and others.

When the icon in its radiant glowStopped above the Tikhvin Mountains, then a lot of people flocked to the miraculous image. The clergymen went through the procession to the place of appearance of the image and, together with the people, prayed to the Mother of God that Her icon descend from the air to them. After such moleben singing, the icon descended from the air to praying people.

Believers with a special feeling of trepidation andReverence began to be applied to the icon. Immediately it was decided to erect a holy place in the temple. However, at night the icon miraculously transferred to the other side of the Tikhvinka River. Together with the holy image, the temple started there, as well as all the material prepared for the construction of the House of God. Even the chips of construction were in a new place. It was in this place that the temple was completed, and immediately an icon was placed. Believing people realized that the new place was chosen by the Most Holy Mother of God. Later on this place was built a monastery.

The Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God was famous for its numerous miracles. Many lists from this miraculous image are in different parts of Russia.

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