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HISTORY phenomenon Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God

The history of the phenomenon of the Tikhvin Icon of the Virgin

Among the many miraculous icons of the Virgin especially revered image of Our Lady of Tikhvin.

Ninth July the Orthodox Church celebrates the birthday of this image.

The phenomenon of the miracle-working Tikhvin Icon of the BlessedVirgin took place in 1383 near Tikhvin. Until that time, the image of the saint was in Constantinople, only on that date he was miraculously transferred by air to the mountain near Tikhvin. This event took place shortly before the capture of Byzantium by the Turks. Until such time as the miraculous icon was in Tikhvin, the image stayed in some other places (especially in churches and chapels). Among the places the phenomenon of the miraculous icon are the following: in 30 miles from Lake Ladoga, in 3 miles from Smolensk, and others.

When the icon in its radiant glowstopped at Tikhvin mountain, by the miraculous image multitudes flocked. The priests went in procession to the place of the phenomenon of the image and with the people prayed to the Virgin to Her icon down from the air to them. After such molebens sing-icon and descended from the air to the faithful people.

Religious people with a special sense of awe andawe began to be applied to the icon. Immediately, it was decided to erect at this holy place of the temple. However, at night the icon miraculously transported to the other side of the river Tikhvinka. Together with the holy way to get started is moved to the temple, as well as all the material prepared for the construction of the House of God. Even the chips were from the construction of the new location. It is in this place, and the temple was completed, he immediately and the icon was placed. Religious people have realized that a new location was selected most of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Later on this place was built the monastery.

Tikhvin Mother of God became famous for its many wonders. Many lists with this miraculous image are in different places in Russia.

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