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High-Tech 3D-floors: the subtleties of the selection and installation

High-tech 3D-floors: the subtleties of the selection and installation

3D-floor came into use relatively recently, but has already gained considerable popularity.

This type of flooring is made by a similar method to tankers floors with a single nuance.

Before filling the floor designers design a three-dimensional computer image, taking into account the client's wishes.

Having decided to install in his apartment 3D-floor,it is very important to choose the correct figure for him. In fact, options can be set. The main thing is falling into the excitement of the selection, do not forget that you choose not to wall painting, which can be replaced when it is tired, and the floor, which will see it every day under your feet for a long period of time. In this regard, experts recommend to choose a picture that does not look too irksome and will soon be out of fashion.

Any drawing or photograph can now be found on the internet and transferred to 3D-interior floor. The image is simply glued to the base layer or polymer paint is applied.

With proper selection of photos for the base3D floor-filler looks equally good, no matter what angle it looked no. In some cases, three-dimensional images can be supplemented with natural elements such as grass, sand, sea waves, stone rocks, shells and other materials that will help to diversify the texture and make the space as realistic as possible.

The specifics of 3D-coating

One of the distinguishing features of the 3D-flooris that during installation as a finishing paint coating polymer used. That is after drying it provides opacity, which is necessary to allocate three-dimensional image underlying.
By the choice of the polymer ink should comeparticularly responsible. After all, the result of its quality as a whole will depend. Cheap and not very high-quality paint is not always evenly distributed and can be muddy or have a yellowish tint.

mounting Features

installation process is clear primervelor surface of the base platen and floor leveling epoxy putty, followed by computation of the base layer. On top of a drawing, which is fixed topcoat and protective varnish.

When pouring the floor installers use a special mokrostupy that allow them to walk on the poured coating without inflicting any damage.

Polymer 3D-floors are not only aestheticaladvantages over other types of flooring. They have excellent performance and are durable, resistant to any mechanical damage.
High-quality plastic 3D-floor - this is probably the most interesting and non-trivial version of flooring for your home or office, which is ready to offer the modern market.

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