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HIGH beds

High beds

In the garden, especially if it is small, it is important to organize correctly planting.

At the same time one of the main points can be regarded as the beds. Proper formation of their gardener simplifies work for the whole season.

One of the options - the high ridges, about this today and we'll talk.



The beds are high, like a cake, made up of layers. The height of such structures 50 - 70 centimeters, prepare them in advance. All layers in the beds are functional, ie each of which performs a certain role. The bottom layer prevents, medium - warms, the upper fertile.


First of all, place under a bed is selected, the material for the housing. Further it is mounted and filled layers listed above.


Initially blanketed metal grid - protection from rodents. Moisture, earthworms such coverage is not a hindrance.


Then laid compost. It is formed from a different paper, old rags, sticks, ie all that can then decompose. Many gardeners for seasonal activities accumulate various food waste, they are also material for compost. Down fold major raw materials, which will be longer to decompose and initially act as drainage. Above you can sprinkle with coarse sand.


Finished compost is filled with plenty of water. Watering the beds need to be repeated frequently to compost rot faster.


The last layer - the land. It is enough to pour in 30 cm, but it is possible and more.


The bed is ready, on its construction had to work, but this work is not in vain. High beds enable start gardening season is 2-3 weeks earlier. And the harvest is usually removed from them in 2-3 times more.

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