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How to hide your hard drive

How to hide your hard drive

Computer today is not onlysome entertainment, but also a tool in the work, so the mischief and curiosity of children can sometimes be a problem, which is difficult to solve.

These are accidentally deleted your important files or folders.

You will need

  • Software and XP Tweaker Tweak UI.



When the amount of information with which you work,exceeds a certain minimum value, you can select a partition on the hard drive or the disc itself. These data can not only hide from prying eyes, but also to deny access. The most important thing in this business, do not forget to like you hide partitions.


In order to completely hide the hard drive from?Explorer? (My Computer), you need to download the software Tweak UI. This program is free and has free access. After downloading and installing it on your computer, follow these steps:
- In the opened window, select My Computer? Drives. Before you will see all drives on your computer. It may be noted or uncheck the relevant drives you.

- To hide the hard drive or a single partition, deselect the item in front of the disc that you want to see only at personal use. Click? OK ?.
To test the functionality of hiding functiondisc program, go to the window? Explorer ?. Seeking you drive you will not find, but it just is not visible. To display the contents of the disc in the address bar, type the name of the disc.

How to hide your hard drive


If this method of hiding partitions do notsuits, rescue utility XP Tweaker. Run it. Find the tab? Protection? - ?Conductor?. Set a checkmark in the disc, which want to block access. Click the? Apply? and run? Explorer? - Marked discs are now available.

How to hide your hard drive

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