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How to hide a hard drive


How to hide a hard drive</a>

The computer in our time is not onlySome entertainment, but also a tool in the work, so the pranks and curiosity of children can sometimes be one of the problems that will be difficult to solve.

It's about accidentally deleting the files or folders you need.

You will need

  • Software XP Tweaker and Tweak UI.



When the amount of information you work with,Exceeds some minimum values, you can select a partition on the hard disk or the disk itself. These data can not only be hidden from others' eyes, but also denied access. The most important thing in this business, do not forget yourself how you hid the disk partitions.


In order to completely hide the hard drive from?The conductor? (My Computer), you need to download the Tweak UI software. This program is free and has free access. After downloading and installing it on your computer, do the following:
- In the window that opens, select My Computer? Drives. All discs of the computer are displayed before you. Here you can mark or remove the mark from the discs you need.

- To hide a hard disk or one partition, remove the selection of the item opposite the disk that you want to see only when using it in person. Click OK ?.
To test the hiding functionROM drive, go to the? Explorer? Window. You do not find the disk you need, but it's just invisible. To display the contents of this disk in the address bar, enter the name of this disk.

How to hide a hard drive


If this way of hiding disk partitions is notArranges, help utility XP Tweaker. Run it. Find the tab? Protection? - ?Conductor?. Check the checkboxes next to the disks to which you want to block access. Click? Apply? And run the? Explorer? - marked drives are now inaccessible.

How to hide a hard drive

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