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How to hide wrinkles with makeup

How to hide wrinkles with makeup

Before carrying out work on the cosmetic "disguise" of facial wrinkles, take care of proper care for the person.

The mandatory program includes: cleansing, regular use of day and night creams and care products for sensitive skin around the eyes, self-massage.

You will need

  • - moisturizing cream-
  • - Foundation-base
  • - Liquid konsiler-
  • - Tone karandash-
  • - decorative cosmetics-



Before make-up do not forget to moisturize the face with a cream,as on dry skin wrinkles is much more pronounced. Then apply a tonal basis. It is better to choose a tool on the basis of oil-free, non-greasy texture and loose. tone color should be slightly lighter than natural color of your skin. So the person will shine and look younger.


Tonal framework apply on the forehead, cheeks, nose andchin, easily and evenly distributing the means to these areas. On nasolabial folds it is not recommended to apply the cream, as they may thus look even deeper.


To hide facial wrinkles in the eye areaYou can not use powder. This means only accentuate skin imperfections. To correct this problem area is suitable concealer. It is better to use a special liquid detergent with a moisturizing effect. To align the wrinkles located on the forehead and bridge of the nose, apply to the skin tone pencil (stick). His tone should also be a little lighter than the natural.


Eye shadow and pencil (liner), apply only on the upper eyelid. To create a younger look, emphasize the eyebrow pencil line of light.

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