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How to hide photos in "Classmates"


Sometimes there are situations when in "Classmates" you need to protect your photos from prying eyes.

You can hide photos both for free and for a fee.



Do not upload too personal photos on the site,Otherwise friends and simply registered in this social network users will be able to use them for their own purposes. If you want to hide already placed photos from those who are not exactly the user of "Classmates", you can not worry: they will not have access to them. That's why it's also important to add to friends only those you really trust.


Use the paid procedure, which allowsCompletely close the profile from outsiders. The advantage of this method is that you can easily publish photos and other data: the page will remain accessible only to a selected circle of people.


Go to your profile settings. Link to them is located under your photo. Select the function "Close profile" in the advanced settings. Agree to warn the system that the page will only be accessible to friends. The profile will remain closed until you open it yourself, again using the connection of this service.


Specify the payment method of the procedure. You can do this via phone, e-money or terminal. The cost of closing the page will be 20 OK in the social network currency or 35 rubles. Immediately after the payment is made, the function will be activated.


Make yourself invisible in Classmates,By clicking on the "Enable invisibility" link, which is located in a special menu under the avatar. This function is also paid, and its cost differs depending on the duration of use. In this case, you can easily visit the pages of other users, not getting to the list of guests on their page. Your friends will not be able to watch your updates, including photos.

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