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How to hide the flaws of the legs


How to hide the flaws of the legs</a>

The list of shortcomings that women can find critical of their figure can be continued indefinitely.

Some representatives of the beautiful half of humanity do not like their own legs.

If you are among them, pick up the clothes correctly and remember these imperfections, replenishing your wardrobe.



Do not wear high heels that accentuateOn the curvature of the legs. If you are not quite confident in wearing shoes on a high heel, and walk awkwardly, without straightening your knees, it can visually make even perfectly straight legs curved. Choose shoes with a stable heel. Do not wear tight pants or jeans. When buying these wardrobe items, give preference to straight or flared from the knee models.


Do not draw attention to your feet too brightShoes, conspicuous. Choose beige tones and models of small volumes. Wear uncomplicated styles of skirts that have modest colors. To divert the attention of others from their feet, wear bright T-shirts and blouses. Extend the short legs visually, choosing shoes with high heels, as well as tunics and dresses with a cropped waistline. No less winning will look pants and skirts, the waist in which is overstated. Do not buy short pants and jeans.


Avoid unprofitable clothes contrasts with shoes,If you are the owner of too thin or full legs. In the first case, it is recommended to wear small shoes with small heels, narrow straps and other miniature details. In the second case, choose light shoes with a thick heel or on a wedge, decorated with large details. Having thin legs, do not wear sun skirts.


Hide your full thighs by choosing loose things fromHard tissues. The fullness of the thighs is strongly emphasized by straight skirts, pleated skirts, tight jeans and trousers narrowed to the bottom. Wear a trapeze skirt no longer than the knee, blouses, jackets and sweaters that cover the hips. The details of your outfit must have one color scheme. Skirts or trousers should have a vertical strip and be a darker shade than a blouse. They should not be full of bright drawings and decorative elements - leave these ornaments for the top part of clothes.


Give up straight skirts to the knee andTight pants, if your legs are O-shaped. Replace them with skirts up to the middle of the calf. Stand up in front of the mirror and objectively assess whether you are getting a mini. If you do not notice the shortcomings - feel free to wear such models of clothing.

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