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How to hide the cursor

How to hide the cursor

Do not waste your nerves unnecessarily, make sure that the cursor is in idle mouse is not loomed before my eyes.

Suppose it does not interfere in the process of typing with the keyboard, do not need a mouse during gaming battles.

You will need

  • - A computer-
  • - Program Cursor Hider.



While working with text, especially when using small specific forms, cursor and prevents blocking your view. To solve this problem, use the utility Cursor Hider. The program not only satisfy requirements with respect to cursoras well, but also perform many other functions.


Install the program in the system - the process does notIt takes a lot of time. Note that the application icon, you will find it in the taskbar, next to the Language Bar. Click on this icon, controls the operation of the utility of the program menu.


Remember, now, when you're working with text, and the mouse will be inactive, cursor will disappear. Touch mouse hand - cursor displayed again.


British Menu program but not owninglanguage, you can easily get into the settings - they are simple and clear. You can stop the program of work - use the option Disable. This icon will change its appearance - it becomes crossed. To work resumed utility, use the same paragraph.


Ask your application comfortable setting. Click the Options tab, you will see the settings window, which will be called Cursor Hider options. The window controls several parameters. Set off options cursora. Set off time cursorand the number of keystrokes. All settings are assigned as desired.


Besides the above functions, the program maywork manager - to manage other applications. Select the Application Launcher tab, specify the settings to switch the keyboard buttons. Just press the custom key twice, the settings will be included. For example, click Numlock, Scrollock, Capslock select a name and specify the path for the executable file.


Explore additional options program. For example, Other options tab allows you to configure the browser. Set the opening of the designated link in a new window. Assign the right mouse button as the scroll wheel.

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