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How to hide crooked legs?

How to hide crooked legs?

The curves of the legs may be cause for the disorder. But, according to observations, crooked legs are more concerned about their owners than the people around them.

How to learn to hide this shortcoming and feel more confident, you can?



Avoid high heels, they underlinedcurvature. Moreover, when not enough of comfortable shoes with heels legs curvature is reinforced - and how realistic and visually. Owners curves legs is better to choose a stylish comfortable shoes on a low steady heel. Light, flying gait hide flaws and small curvature give some touching.


If you are confused with crooked legs, give up brightfootwear. When thin bandy legs should choose lighter shoes, bodily and neutral shades. When thick - it is better to stay in the dark. Women with thin crooked legs is not necessary to put on boots and mini, better to choose high boots and an average length of clothes. But those who are thick and crooked legs, can safely shod boots elegant, with only the clothes need to be careful: the skirt should cover at least the legs to mid-calf, and the upper part of the clothes cover the hips.


Hide legs disadvantages help curvy long skirts. However, they are not to face full of women, but evil can not afford to be graceful, regardless of birth defects. A fat women can stay in the robes of free, multi-layered compositions, skilfully combining transparent fabrics with opaque - especially because the current fashion welcomes such silhouettes.


If the legs are in the form of an oval curves, it is not necessarywear tight pants and pencil skirts above the knee. It is better to choose a skirt A-cut, flared bottom, and its length should be up to mid-calf. If the curvature of the legs is not very evident, one can afford small. But better to choose lighter stockings. But black stockings and tights is better to exclude from his wardrobe.


Try not to focus on theirfeet. Do not wear frilly socks with patterns and short skirt should be as modest, without the bright, eye-catching, flashy patterns and prints. It is better to wear a bright top or blouse stunning, to focus on the upper body.


If you have crooked legs, do not forget about it,try not to put them on display. But we should not make a tragedy out of a lifetime. Explore the beautiful gait generated by the grace of movements, watch his speech, be charming, even in the details - and your small drawback would be invisible against the background of your virtues.

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