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HIBISCUS in your home: the cultivation and care

Hibiscus in your home: the cultivation and care

Hibiscus - a very beautiful and popular houseplant.

Love it deserved florist spectacular flowering and unpretentious in care.

The main conditions for growing hibiscus are sufficient light and abundant watering.

Very often, hibiscus can be found in the hallspublic institutions, where there is usually little light. Under such conditions, the plant was not feeling well and blooms. For hibiscus full development and rapid growth should be placed in locations where a good light. However, in the summer the plant should be protected from direct sunlight.

Hibiscus is recommended to keep warm. The optimum temperature in summer is 20-25 degrees, and winter - about 14-19 degrees. By the way, in the cold season, not necessarily lower the temperature. Hibiscus will feel good under normal conditions. In the summer you can make green pet into the open air, but to teach it to the sun should gradually.

By watering the plant belongs ratherdemanding. In the summer it must be abundant in the winter - a moderate. In no case do not let the soil drying out, as it can lead to death of the plant. In the spring and summer hibiscus need to spray every few days. These simple manipulations can help protect the plant from the occurrence of such pests as aphids, spider mites, and Jose scale. If it's very hot, perform the procedure on a daily basis. Water for irrigation and spraying should be at room temperature and settle.

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