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Hibiscus - Oriental exoticism home. Breeding and care.

Most often, the so-called home bred Chinese rose.

This species of hibiscus is growing very fast and does not require complex care, and blooms almost six months.

Chinese hibiscus, or China rose wasbrought to Europe in the late 17th century from eastern Asia. Today, this ornamental shrub can often be found in homes and offices, because it does not require complex care, and pleases lush flowering.

To dissolve hibiscus, A sufficient to askcut plant sprig with friends. Branch with two to five leaves, set in a glass of water, will quickly root and it can be put in Goshokov the ground. Particular soil is not required for hibiscus, he quickly grow into a normal garden soil, which is sold in any specialty store. It is also possible to dissolve and hibiscus seed.

Hibiscus can advise for cultivation, even those with windows facing north, because it does not require bright light, preferring to diffuse light. Direct sunlight is better shading.

During warmer months, hibiscus can be set on a balcony or in the garden.

When your hibiscus grows up, it is worthprischipnut that it is not too stretched. Overgrown hibiscus should be transplanted (early spring) to a bigger pot. With timely topping and replanting you will grow a large bush, which is to flourish.

Important! Watering should be abundant enough hibiscus, preventing the soil from drying (though not necessary, and pouring too much water, so that the soil does not become like a swamp). Also it is necessary to conduct timely and pruning, as in a large pot of hibiscus is able to grow in a fairly large home tree.

Hibiscus - Oriental exoticism home. Breeding and care.

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