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Hibiscus is the eastern exotic of the house. Breeding and care.</a>

Most often the house is bred so-called Chinese rose.

This type of hibiscus grows very quickly and does not require complex care, but blooms for almost six months.

Hibiscus Chinese, or Chinese rose, wasWas brought to Europe in the late 17th century from East Asia. Today, this decorative shrub can often be found in homes and offices, since it does not require complex care and pleases with lush flowering.

To dilute the hibiscus, enough to askCut off a twig of a plant from friends. A branch with two or five leaves placed in a glass of water will quickly give roots and it can be planted in a goshok with earth. Special soil for hibiscus is not required, it will quickly grow in the usual garden soil, which is sold in any specialized store. Hibiscus can also be bred from seeds.

Hibiscus can be advised for breeding even for those who have windows facing north, because it does not require bright lighting, preferring diffused light. Direct sunlight is best shaded.

In the warm season, hibiscus can be put on a balcony or garden.

When your hibiscus grows up, it's worth itPinch so that it does not stretch too much. Expanded hibiscus should be transplanted (early spring) into a more spacious pot. With timely pinching and transplantation, you will grow a large bush that will blossom with lush colors.

Important! Watering hibiscus should be abundant enough, not allowing the drying of the soil (however, do not pour too much water so that the soil does not look like a swamp). Also, timely need to conduct and pruning, because hibiscus in a large pot is able to grow into a fairly large home tree.

Hibiscus is the eastern exotic of the house. Breeding and care.

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