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Hemophilia: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Hemophilia: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Hemophilia - a hereditary disease thatIt has three forms: A, B and C. At the slightest trauma patient starts increased bleeding. And bleeding can occur in the internal organs, occur against a background of increasing body temperature.

Often affects large joints, leading to inflammation and deformation.

The gene and the main symptoms of hemophilia

Hemophilia is transmitted by recessive childtype meshed with the X chromosome. Type C is more common in girls. Type of hemophilia A and B are mainly inherited boys. The lack of factor VIII causes hemophilia A, factor IX - In, XI - S.

Symptoms of hemophilia occur duringnewborn. On the body of the baby can be seen numerous bruises and bruises. When a child begins to walk, the slightest injury to the skin leads to severe bleeding that can not be stopped.

Kids with hemophilia are different from their peers. They have a delicate physique, thin pale skin, poorly developed subcutaneous fat layer.

Diagnosis of hemophilia

Accurate diagnosis can be made after thegenealogical analysis of a blood. Laboratory tests show normal or delayed retraction of a blood clot. Symptoms LEED-tiller, and Konchalovsky Koch negative. Factors VIII and IX are reduced.

In formulating a differential diagnosis the doctor must rule out leukemia, septic disease, polycythemia, hemorrhagic diathesis.

hemophilia Treatment

Hemophiliacs appoint replacementtherapy. All preparations selects experienced doctor. Introduce pharmaceuticals bolus or infusion 1-2 times a day. In the presence of hemorrhage recommended puncture administration of hydrocortisone, physiotherapy.

To cure hemophilia is impossible, but it is possible to lead a full life, try to avoid heavy physical exertion, injury, receiving blood thinners.

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