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USEFUL or harmful to hair, henna


Useful or harmful to hair, henna</a>

Disputes around henna have been going on for a long time.

Some believe that she heals hair, others - on the contrary. Henna is made from the extract of laussonia or cassia, which has a number of useful substances that make up the composition.

Despite this, even substances of vegetable origin can in some cases harm.

That's why you should use henna only carefully, weighed all the pros and cons.

General information on henna

Henna is a natural and environmentally friendly product,Which only occasionally causes allergic reactions in people with hypersensitivity to the scalp. Do not confuse the dye with the same name, intended for lightening the hair - these are completely different compounds that do not even have an indirect relationship to each other.
Natural colorless henna of high quality is notDyes the hair and does not give them any shade, it is designed to strengthen the roots, improve their growth. Classical henna gently stains, but despite the lack of ammonia in the composition, it is not washed off for a long time.

How much time will keep henna on the hair, depends on the individual characteristics. Some color is washed off in a couple of days, others can not bring it out by any means.

Benefits of Henna

The undoubted benefit of henna is when falling outhair. The natural composition strengthens the bulbs, which helps to reduce the loss of curls. In addition, experts assure that henna awakens sleeping bulbs, helping to make the hair more luxurious.

Consider that henna can overdo, and not improve the curls. If you have dry hair, add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil or fatty cream.

Henna helps with seborrhea, dandruff. Dissolve the powder as described on the packaging. Apply to the scalp and leave for 60-120 minutes. After a couple of applications you will notice improvements - dandruff and other skin problems will stop bothering you.
You can cope with the fading of hair withColorless henna. Apply the composition over the entire length of the hair and leave for 30-60 minutes. The procedure is carried out once every 14-21 days. If you notice that your hair is dry, stop using henna for a while.
Henna is optimal for oily hair. It can be used as an air conditioner, diluting with water to a consistency of sour cream. Literally after the first application you will notice that the hair has become more dry. This way you can reduce the frequency of washing your head.

Harm to the hair for hair

Despite the rather innocuous composition andThe content of useful substances, henna can do much harm. If you have hair prone to dryness and cross-section, it is not recommended to apply henna along the entire length - it is enough only on the roots to strengthen them.
Regular use of henna leads toDestruction of the structure of dry hair, scales lift. If you do not stop using henna, your hair will begin to break and look lifeless. In this case, only the scissors can correct the situation, because none of the very high-quality balm can not smooth the structure to its former state.

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