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Helpful or harmful for hair henna

Helpful or harmful for hair henna

The controversy over the henna being a long time.

Some believe that it revitalizes the hair, the other - on the contrary. Henna is made from the extract of lawsonite or cassia, which has a number of nutrients that are part of.

Despite this, even the vegetable matter in some cases, can harm.

That is why the use of henna should be only carefully weighing all the pros and cons.

General information about henna

Henna - Natural and eco-friendly product,which rarely causes allergic reactions in people with elevated scalp sensitivity. Do not confuse the dye of the same name, designed to lighten hair - it's completely different compositions, without even an indirect relationship to each other.
Natural colorless high quality henna does notIt stains the hair and does not give them any color, it is intended to strengthen the roots, improving their growth. Classical henna soft colors, but in spite of the absence of ammonia in the composition is not washed off for a long time.

How much time will keep the henna on the hair depends on the individual. Some color is washed off in just a few days, others can not bring him any means.

The use of henna

Doubtlessly henna has a rollhair. Natural composition strengthens the follicles, which helps to reduce the loss of curls. In addition, experts say that the henna awakens the dormant bulbs, helping to make the hair more luxuriant.

Keep in mind that henna can retain moisture rather than improve the curl. If you have dry hair, add a part of a couple of tablespoons of olive oil or heavy cream.

Henna helps with seborrhea, dandruff. Dissolve the powder as it is written on the packaging. Apply on the scalp and leave for 60-120 minutes. After a couple of applications, you will notice improvements - dandruff and other skin problems will cease to bother you.
Coping with hair tarnishing, you can usecolorless henna. Apply the composition through the hair and leave for 30-60 minutes. The procedure is performed every 14-21 days. If you begin to notice that the hair began to dry, stop at the time of the use of henna.
Henna is ideal for oily hair. It can be used as a conditioner by diluting with water to a consistency of sour cream. Just after the first application you will notice that the hair became drier. In this way one can reduce the frequency of shampooing.

Harm Henna for hair

Despite the fairly innocuous composition andcontent of nutrients, henna can hurt. If you hair is prone to dryness, and the cross-section, apply henna on all length is not recommended - rather only on the roots, to strengthen them.
Regular use of henna leads todestruction of the structure of dry hair, the scales are lifted. If you do not stop using henna, locks begin to break down and look lifeless. In this case, a pair of scissors can fix the situation, because no one, even a very high quality balm will not be able to smooth out the structure to its former state.

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