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How to help yourself in the struggle with stuttering

How to help yourself in the struggle with stuttering

Stuttering hurts both adults and children.

It brings a lot of discomfort and often lowers self-esteem.

Man begins to feel insecure himself, and from this stutter even more.

It is a vicious circle.

In fact, stuttering often fraught primarily psychological problems and disorders of the nervous system.



Learn to accept yourself for who you are,allow yourself more than usual. Rather than blame themselves for stuttering, think about what it is your feature. Accept it as a fact and learn to live with this fact in harmony.


Very good help sports, swimming,martial arts or yoga. Singing and dancing contribute to emancipation, develop breath and plastic. But most importantly, man stutters just need to believe in themselves and their strength.


Be sure to learn to relax. Each person has their own ways to do this. Find your own method of complete relaxation. Relax, tune in and start talking. You will be surprised how voice quality depends on the state of mind.


Stuttered when foreign people with theirrelatives often forget about this problem. If you need somewhere to give a speech at a large gathering of people, try to first rehearse it in front of home. At the same time remember the sensations of relaxation and rest, and play them back, speaking in public.


It is equally important for people with this problemproper breathing. Learn basic breathing exercises of yoga or qigong therapy. This will help you regulate your breathing, follow the force of inhalation and exhalation. Regular exercise will help to improve the condition and possibly completely get rid of the problem of stuttering.


Often people are increasingly beginning to stutter from thethe fact of his stuttering. This leads to loss of conversation thread and exacerbates the condition. Try to shift your attention to talk sense to the idea that you are trying to convey. Focus on content, not the form of information.


Feeling that stuttering is gaining momentum,stop, move the spirit. Take a break and concentrate on your breathing, follow the inhalation and exhalation. Small pause in the speech will make your personality more mysterious in the eyes of the interlocutor.


It is very important on the way to victory over their problem inspire, patience and faith in success. To do this, see interesting movies, read books, inspired by the example of the main characters.

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