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How to help your child to do homework

How to help your child to do homework

If you decide to help your child to do homeworkjob, please be fiction and patience to make this very painful lesson in a fun and interesting way of learning and communicating. Imagine that you and your child go on a journey out of the country, "I do not know, I can not, I can not" to "I know all about it!", And you are on this journey take the role of a conductor, not a traveler.

To ease your difficult mission, you can refer to the following rules, which are able to bring real benefit, not harm.



Do your homework with your child, andnot do for him. Try to convince your child that the voluntary and conscientious homework facilitates understanding and performing classroom tasks. Also explain that through the homework he understands and knows everything that could not or did not have time to ask the school.


Do only what was asked. There is no special need to overload the student with all sorts of additional jobs. Remember that the child had been in school for several hours, after which it is still necessary to come home and do my homework. His life does not consist only of school assignments.


Do your homework without haste, hassle, censure and reproach. Always look for the reasons for which the child should be commended, and if unsuccessful give him a similar job.


Do not start with difficult tasks, complicate them gradually. Each correct step child Reinforce praise, as it helps to develop the necessary confidence for the child.


Complicates the job when they were successfully completed earlier. Take the time to give results, since it is already come.


If there is a need to make some adjustments in the course of the work, bring it immediately, because the child can just "memorize" a mistake, but do not tell him that he is doing wrong or what is wrong.


To effectively carry out homeworkneed to deal with the child constantly, but short-lived. Also, try to make sure that the work was not hard, boring or confusing for the child.

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