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How to help your child overcome indecision

Help your child to overcome indecision

This was the situation when the child grows up completelyirresolute, faced by many parents. And it is clear that in the garden, and even more so in the school, such a child will be very difficult, not to mention the adult life.

Nevertheless, the parents can help the child overcome indecision.

Do not call the child

Never tell a child that he is a coward, even in a joking manner. Otherwise, it can gain a foothold and undermine confidence.

It is better to help your daze be bolder, cheer up, for example, the fact that the next time he is required to succeed.

If you still want to focus on the fact that the child was frightened, you do not talk about him, but about his behavior.

Remind the successes

When your child once again doubted myself, just remind him a situation where he was able to overcome themselves and have a stiff upper lip.


Look for role models wherever possible: on the TV screens, in books among friends. Children love stories about other children.

The child is important to know that someone was not very brave as he is, and could be changed. And, of course, a prime example of you are the child.

Down with high expectations

If parents in the upbringing of the main words are "it should", we are talking about excessive demands to the child.

Be more realistic in their expectations and desires. Realizing that he was not fit your ideals, the child can finally lose faith in yourself.

Love is not measured

Indecision goes hand in hand with a sense of insignificance for parents. Doubts arise when Mom and Dad love for something. For example, for good measure.

In no event it is impossible to tell the child that you will not love him if he misbehaves. There is nothing worse than these words do not have a child.

The son or daughter must feel that they have a right to make mistakes and to their own opinion, without fear of losing your love.

Discuss the possibility of

In no case do not abuse, and do not reproach baby for indecision. Guilt does not help in this situation. In a relaxed environment to discuss options as you can do.

Let your child express his opinion first, and then you can help him. During the conversation, select the best options. And then the next time a child is enrolled in a different way.

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