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How to help your child cope with stress before exams

Support the child before exams

The academic year is nearing completion, and in front of our children have a whole series of tests and examinations.

And nobody but the parents are not able to provide the greatest support in this difficult time for the child.

Parents just have to help your child prepare for the exams successfully overcome these challenging tests, to avoid stress.

Rehearse this exercise at home with the child exams

Excitement and fear interfere with thinking in the examination. Significantly reduce the fear of the child's rehearsal before the exam. The more typical situation is created, the less it will be exciting for the student. Losing scenario exam, the student will acquire the skill to answer clearly the questions and solve different tasks within a certain time.

No intimidation

In preparation for the exams in any casenot irritate the baby and not tell him the words such as "will not teach, get a deuce." Put only feasible task, do not require to achieve incredible heights. It is important not to pour huge flow on the student, and to teach it properly to apply this knowledge.

The most important - is the belief in the child's

Hoping to improve the development of harda groundbreaking subject matter, you should explain to the child that it is not expecting from it only very good marks. The main task for him to master the subject. Give your child feel that you believe in him and always ready to help. And only then he will have the desire to become better and to try very hard.

Intellectual support is important too

Parents need to choose the right way to prepare for exams. For some, the best independent home preparation, someone greater help or coaching courses.

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