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How to help your child cope with stress before exams

Support the child before the exams</a>

The school year is drawing to a close, and ahead of our children there is a whole series of tests and examinations.

And no one, except parents, will be able to provide the greatest support during this difficult time for the child.

Parents are simply obliged to help the child prepare for examinations, to overcome with success these difficult tests, avoiding stress.

Rehearse an event such as exams at home with a child

Excitement and fear prevent you from thinking at exams. Greatly reduce the fear of the child rehearsing before the exam. The more typical the situation is created, the less exciting it will be for a schoolboy. By playing the script of the exam, the student will have the ability to respond to clearly posed questions and solve different tasks for a certain time.

No intimidation

In preparation for the exams in no eventDo not worry the child and do not say such words to him as, for example, "you will not teach, you will get a deuce." Put only an achievable task, do not require reaching sky-high heights. It is important not to pour out a huge stream on the student, but to teach him to apply correctly the received knowledge.

The most important thing is faith in the child

Counting on improving development is difficultYou must explain to your child that you do not expect only very good marks from him. The main task for him is to master this subject. Let the child feel that you believe in him and are always ready to help. And only then he will have the desire to become better and try very hard.

Intellectual support is also important

Parents should choose the right way to prepare for the exams. For someone, it is best to do independent home preparation, someone will be more likely to be assisted by tutoring or on courses.

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