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How to help the disabled

How to help the disabled

Invalids call people with disabilities because of problems with the physical or mental health.

They have a pretty hard life, so if circumstances allow, you can help these people.



Visit a local health facility and disabledconsult your GP. He will examine and help to make a statement of special medical commission to examine the materials of the medical examination of a person and decide on referring it to one or another disability. Depending on the degree of disability will vary the size of social benefits to man.


Refer to the administration of your communitypoints. It must be a department or committee of social protection. Take the documents that confirm the human disability, his passport. If possible, it is desirable that people with disabilities also present with you at the meeting. Specialists of the department of social protection of the disabled will put on a special account and will report what benefits it can use. Families with disabled persons provided with a number of social benefits, including benefits from the regional or federal budget, which the social department. protection will be transferred to the special account of the person.


Help the disabled person to register with the centerEmployment of your place of residence. People with disabilities have a right to work and receive a monthly wage, but they do not fit each job. employment center experts will help to pick up a disabled person the right place.


Contact one of the community organizations,assisting the disabled, such as the local representative of All-Russian Society for the Disabled. It will help a person obtain necessary for the conduct of normal life stuff - wheelchairs, audiobooks, hearing aids, etc.


Talk to the local authorities or write an application to the city administration for installation of special access ramps for the disabled in public places.

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