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How to help homeless

How to help homeless

Homelessness is one of the global problems of mankind, which is the inability of people to provide themselves with shelter.

This can occur due to many circumstances and be voluntary or forced. Do not avoid this category of people, looking away in disgust.

We need to try to be merciful and possibly even something to help these poor people.



It often happens that a homeless manurgent need of medical assistance. It is possible to determine by impaired motor coordination, as well as fuzzy diction. In addition, there is always the risk of hypothermia and frostbite limbs in winter. In such a situation it is very important not to remain indifferent and as quickly as possible to call an ambulance, which is obliged to take any person for health reasons, is not dependent on the availability of documents and citizenship.


If the brigade arrived decided to hospitalizea homeless person, then you should ask the doctor which hospital he will be determined. It must be remembered that in case of failure of an ambulance to take such a patient, there is always the opportunity to defend him by calling the hotline of the Health Committee.


You can greatly help a person withoutfixed abode, bought him a meal and a glass of hot drink. Of course, the food should already be prepared, as a resident of the street simply can not personally prepare it for obvious reasons. It is suitable baked goods, cheese, sausage and canned goods. It is also an indispensable factor for life is drinking water. The main thing - in any case do not give money to a homeless person, because it can spend it on alcohol.


As a rule, people living on the street, oftenThey need warm clothes and shoes. It should be clean, tight and suitable to wear. Always require socks, scarves and hats. It also requires all sorts of blankets and old coats, which are necessary for arranging accommodation.


It is necessary to try to attach to humanany institution of the homeless, which is the guardian of the interests of socially excluded groups of citizens. Such nochlezhek base not only provide a full hot meal homeless after passing certain health procedures, but also supply the necessary medicines.

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