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How to help the homeless


How to help the homeless</a>

Homelessness is one of the global problems of mankind, which lies in the inability of people to provide themselves with housing.

Such a situation can arise due to many life circumstances and have a voluntary or compulsory nature. Do not shy away from such a category of people, disdainfully looking away.

We must try to be merciful and, if possible, help at least some of these unfortunates.



It often happens that a homeless personUrgent medical attention is required. This can be determined by impaired coordination of movements, as well as by fuzzy diction. In addition, in the winter there is always a danger of hypothermia and frostbite of the limbs. In such a situation it is very important not to remain indifferent and to call an ambulance as soon as possible, which is obliged to take any person for life indications, regardless of the availability of documents and citizenship.


If the arrived brigade decided to hospitalizeHomeless, then we should ask the doctors where he will be assigned to a hospital. It is necessary to remember that in the event of an ambulance's refusal to accept such a patient, there is always an opportunity to protect it by calling the hotline of the Health Committee.


It is possible to substantially help a person withoutA certain place of residence, buying him food and a glass of hot drink. Of course, the food should already be cooked, as a street resident simply can not cook it for his own reasons, for obvious reasons. Completely suitable for bakery products, cheese, sausage and canned food. Also a necessary factor for life is drinking water. The main thing - in no case is it necessary to give money to a homeless person, since he can spend it on alcohol.


As a rule, people living on the street oftenNeed warm clothes and shoes. It should be clean, dense and wearable. Socks, scarves and hats are always required. Also, you need all sorts of blankets and old coats that are needed to equip the night.


It is worth trying to attach a person toSome institution of assistance to the homeless, which stands guard over the interests of socially excluded categories of citizens. Such accommodation bases not only provide homeless people with a full-fledged hot lunch after going through certain sanitary procedures, but they also provide the necessary medicines.

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