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How to help an alcoholic get rid of the addiction and start a new life

How to help an alcoholic get rid of the addiction and start a new life

Living next to an alcoholic unbearable.

Many can not stand scandals, beating and go.

Well, they have a right to it.

But there are those who do not throw up their hands and ready to fight to the last "green serpent" for a loved one.

First of all, it is important to understand that alcoholism -chronic illness associated with the violation of the fermentation, the body responsible for the processing of alcohol. In other words, the alcoholic can never drink as a healthy person, as well as people with lactose intolerance can not drink milk. Alcoholism does not go completely, but remission can be achieved and to make efforts to ensure that this stage never ended.

Alcoholism treatment is conducted in two mainareas: medication and psychotherapy. Suppressing the urge to drink medicines, it is important to show people how good life without "degrees" and help them adapt to sober living. Throughout the treatment the important role belongs to the people close to an alcoholic - parents, spouses or adult children.

Say "No"

First of all, you need to deal with what you should not do:

- Address the problem of the alcoholic: lie on his work, lend, give away his debts, to buy alcohol. Let him not hope for you. Once in a difficult situation, he will make a decision about treatment.

- Force to haul Narcologist or psychiatrist. While the decision to therapy does not appear in his own head dependent, all treatment attempts are in vain. Patients escape from the clinic, drunk immediately after encoding.

- Thunderstorms care, divorce, contacting the policeor do anything that. If after the first promises that scares, after the second or third time, your words have no effect. If you promise to go away, go away and do not come back before, until you see that initiated serious treatment.

- Hide a problem from friends andrelatives. Silence void your understanding and assistance, as well as increase the number of embarrassing situations. If you give to know about alcohol dependence surrounding Think before you drink offering "one glass of" the family meal.

- Drinking in the alcoholic's eyes and keep in the housealcohol. It is not difficult to guess that a bottle of wine or vodka will cause a human patient unpleasant associations and unwanted temptations. Be in solidarity. Best of all, if you are also completely give up alcohol.

- Spiked with drugs and herbs in food and drinks. Do not forget that in this way you can poison. From assistant and virtue you can turn into a killer. Do not Mess with the traditional methods.

What to do?

When an alcoholic drunk to talk to himuseless. Wait for the moment when he stops, sober up, come out of hard drinking. You have to convince him to see a specialist, who will help him to refrain from the use of alcohol with medication and psychotherapy hold.

If an alcoholic poorly motivated for treatment, youit can list the dangers of the disease and its losses it will incur in the future: work, family, relationships, respect, money, health. You also have the right to put an ultimatum that if he did not get rid of the destructive addiction, then you will go to extreme measures.

Help me find a good clinic, goodspecialist. Rely primarily on the recommendation of friends, faced with a similar problem. You are free to seek help from a therapist who will advise you and tell you how to behave better in your particular situation. Also, be sure to find the nearest Alcoholics Anonymous Association.

If your loved one has already begun therapy anddrinking, he is faced with new challenges. He soberly assesses the losses that brought him alcohol, sees the changed attitude of those around him, aware, "to which he has come." At this time, it is important to maintain and strengthen its self-esteem. Do not cut the past, and pay attention to the patient on the values ​​that were at the future prospects. Build joint plans, praise the first successes.

It is important to teach a good alcoholicfree time sober. Get to know new hobby, get a hobby, travel. Play board games, watch interesting movies, engage in painting or music. You can recall about those activities that replaced the alcohol. The main thing that the patient has the opportunity to escape from the bitter thoughts and desires to drink.

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