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How to help a child survive an allergy


Help the child survive allergies</a>

Pollinosis is an allergy to the pollen of a plant.

Allergies in the spring are particularly unpleasant.

It is best, of course, at this time to bring the child to another climatic zone. But it is understandable that not all and not always have such an opportunity.

And if you can not get out, then you should take advice that will help reduce the risk of allergies and help the child survive the hay fever.



Of course, walking with a child at this time is not recommended. But if you still went out into the street, it is better to do it in rainy weather or early in the morning.


When you are going somewhere with a baby car, keep the car windows closed so that the pollen does not get into the car's interior.


Eliminate from the diet products of beekeeping and everything that contains herbs.


If possible, change the region of stay for the period of flowering of allergic plants. The best option is, of course, to go to the sea.


Remember that during this period the immunity of the child is weakened. When the time of "poplar snowstorms", it will be enough to take the child even to the dacha.


Most importantly - consult a doctorAn allergist. A good specialist will not only tell you how to deal with the symptoms at their peak, but will do everything possible to prevent deterioration in a dangerous period.

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