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How to help a child survive hay fever

Help your child to go through allergy

Hay fever - an allergy to pollen.

Allergy spring particularly troublesome.

Ideally, of course, at this time to bring the child to a different climate zone. But it is understandable that not everyone and not always have such an opportunity.

And if you can not leave, you should heed the advice that will help reduce the risk of allergies and hay fever to help the child survive.



Of course, walking with a child it is not recommended at this time. But if you are still left on the street, it is better to do it in the rain or in the early morning.


When you are traveling somewhere by car with your baby, keep the car windows closed to pollen from entering the passenger compartment.


Exclude from the diet of bee products, and all that they contain herbs.


If possible, change the period of flowering plants allergic region of residence. The best option - it is, of course, go to the sea.


Remember that the child's immune system is weakened during this period. When the "poplar blizzards", will be sufficient to bring the child to the country even.


The most important thing - check with your doctorallergist. A good specialist will not only prompt how to deal with the symptoms at their peak, but also do everything possible to prevent the deterioration of a dangerous period.

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