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Heliotrope: Seed Growing and Care


Heliotrope is an ornamental, shrubby plant with a vanilla flavor. The height reaches no more than 50 cm. In general, the blue-violet color. This plant can blossom from May to October.

Heliotrope: Seed Growing and Care


In order to grow seedlings, seeds must be sown in February.

  • It is necessary to prepare the soil, for this in an equal proportion to mix peat and sand.
  • Prepare boxes for seedlings and put soil in them.
  • Seeds spread throughout the surface of the soil. Top with a layer of earth 3 mm.
  • Pour with a spray and cover with a film.
  • After the first shoots appear, the plants must be placed in sunlight.
  • As soon as the seedlings have three leaves, they need to be broken into separate pots. You can use peat, with which it will then be possible to transplant into the open ground.
  • In the open ground plant must be planted in June, for this, dig holes into the bottom, put humus, place seedlings and sprinkle with earth.


  • The plant should be watered regularly, as it does not tolerate the drying of the soil.
  • Feeding should be done with mineral fertilizers every two weeks throughout the summer period.
  • To the plant more often and more abundantly blossom, it must be plucked.
  • When a spider mite or whitefly appears on the plant, it should be treated with a special solution against pests - this may be a phytophtherian or a vertical mite.
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