How to fire a stove

If the fire burns smoothly without crackling and buzzing, then you did it right</a>

It would seem that it can be simpler than melt the furnace?

However, there are recommendations that will allow you to get the maximum efficiency from the oven, as well as enjoy pleasant moments at home.



The success of the kiln firing depends on many factors: the design itself, the location of the furnace, the type of fuel and its quantity, and also the simple skill.


So, before you put the firewood in the firebox,First, it is necessary to clean the grate grate and the ash pan from the ash so that the air is uniformly supplied to all burning wood. This is done by scooping up the ashes from the pond with a poker. The firewood itself must be absolutely dry, of the same diameter 8-10 cm. It is best to use birch or oak firewood for stove heating. Put them in the firebox so that there is at least 20 cm of space between the firebox ceiling and the firewood itself. To keep the firebox cool, lay all the wood immediately before ignition so that you do not always open the firebox door.


The fire of firewood in the oven must never be done with the help of flammable liquids. This can deform the oven. Take a birch bark, a ray or paper, set it on fire and put it under the wood.


Of course, you can only heat the stoveFuel, which is provided by the stove. That is, if it does not provide for the ignition of coal, then in no case can it be heated with coal. Therefore, it is better to initially build or choose an oven that can work on different types of solid fuel. The most effective is anthracite. When burning a kilogram of this fuel releases 7200 kcal. Coal to 7000 Kcal, brown coal and briquettes? 4000-4500 Kcal, lumpy peat? 3000 and firewood produce the least amount of heat? 2800-3000 kilocalories per kilogram. But firewood is the most environmentally friendly type of fuel. In addition, its heat transfer depends on the degree of drying. Dry firewood can give up to 4,500 kcal, while wood of 50% humidity is only 2000 Kcal.


If you are drowning coal, then keep in mind thatHeat transfer of coal dust is not less than large pieces? So load it into the firebox for 1-2 packs along with large pieces of coal. In case all coal is very fine, the oven can be melted in the following way: put a piece of a wide tin tube on the grate. At the bottom, put the short wood on top? Pieces of coal, and around the pipe, moist wet fine coal. Then the tube is carefully removed and the stove is flooded.


Regardless of the type of fuel, it is necessaryRegulate the flow of oxygen through an ash-pit into the firebox, as well as the yaga in the pipe itself with the aid of a view. When the stove melts, the view and the ash-tray are open. If the wood is well inflamed, the ash door is left a little open, so that air does not flow too much, otherwise all the heat will fly away during the kindling. The view is only to be closed when the blue flame does not stop fluttering over the layer of smoldering embers. This is a sure sign that there is no more dangerous carbon monoxide.

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