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If the fire is lit without cod and buzz, it means you did everything correctly

It would seem that may be easier than the oven to melt?

However, there are recommendations that will provide maximum efficiency of the furnace, as well as enjoy pleasant moments at home.



kindling furnace Success depends on many factors: the structure itself, the location of the furnace, fuel type and quantity, as well as a simple skill.


So, before you put the wood in the firebox,you must first clean the grill grate and ash pan from the ashes, so that the air is uniformly fed to all the burning firewood. This is done by raking out the ashes from the ash poker. Sami wood must be completely dry, the same diameter of 8-10 cm. It is best to use stove heating birch or oak wood. Put them in the firebox so that between the ceiling of the firebox and the space left by the firewood at least 20 cm. To the firebox is not cooled, pledge all the wood just before ignition, to continually not to open the door of the firebox.


Ignition of firewood in the stove in any case can not be done using flammable liquids. This can deform the furnace. Take the birch bark, shavings or paper, ignite and put it under the wood.


Of course, you can light the stove only tofuel that provides stovemaker. That is, if you can not accommodate coal kindling in it, then in any case it is impossible to heat the coal. It is better to initially build or choose the stove that can run on different types of solid fuel. The most effective is coal. During the combustion of a kilogram of fuel releases 7200 Kcal. Coal 7000 Kcal, lignite and peat briquette? 4000-4500 kcal, sod peat? 3000 wood and produce less total heat? 2800-3000 kilocalories per kilogram. But the wood the most environmentally friendly fuel. In addition, it depends on the heat drying. Dry wood can give up to 4,500 Kcal, while the wood 50% humidity only 2000 kcal.


If you drown charcoal, then keep in mind thatheat coal dust not less than large pieces? so its load in the firebox 1-2 package with large pieces of coal. If all the coal is very small, melt furnace as follows: Replace the grate segment of the general tin pipe. At the bottom of the short put wood on top? lumps of coal, and around the pipe tamp moist fine coal. Then the tube is carefully removed and the furnace is flooded.


Regardless of the type of fuel, it is sure toto regulate the flow of oxygen through the ash pit in the firebox, and the witch in the very pipe using dampers. When the furnace is melted, damper and ash pit open. If the wood is well flared up, the blower door is left slightly open so that air comes not too much, otherwise all the heat will fly during kindling. Close the damper only when a layer of embers will not cease to be twisted blue flame. This is a sure sign that the health hazardous carbon monoxide is gone.

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