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Suffer animals suicides


There are animal suicides</a>

Suicide is the voluntary deprivation of one's life. The causes of such an act among people can become mental illness, loss of meaning of life, pursuing failure and humiliation by others, loss of a loved one.

These reactions are inherent in man, but I wonder if there have been suicides in the animal kingdom?


The myth that lemmingsOnce a few years they are straying into packs to follow the leader to a cliff or water obstacle, where they are expected to die voluntarily. Such actions are supposedly aimed at reducing the extremely high population size and protecting the species from extinction. However, in fact, these small animals prefer to live alone, do not have a leader and swim well. The latest observations of scientists have shown that a sharp decline in the number of lemmings occurs not because of suicides of animals. In conditions of tightness, males become more aggressive and kill young, thus regulating the number of individuals.


A sad sight - a few hugeMajestic creatures lie on the ground, dying under the weight of their own body. Whales are thrown ashore in many parts of the world, singly or in groups. Scientists find it difficult to identify the exact cause of this behavior, but they believe that it is not a matter of wanting to take their lives. "Suspects" are noise generated by submarines, malfunctions in the magnetic compass of animals, as well as diseases. These factors can cause disorientation of animals, as a result of which they are on land.

Cases of ejecting whales on land were recorded as early as in ancient Greece, so it is impossible to blame only modern technologies for this.

Zombie Animals

The grasshopper, who jumped into the pond and drowned there,Or an ant, pretending to be a berry, to be glued by birds - than not suicide, and, in the case of the same ant, invented with a fair amount of imagination. However, insects behave in a similar manner not voluntarily. They are forced by parasites that have occupied their body. In the case of a grasshopper, the culprit is the larva of the hairworm. An adult worm needs water, where it can multiply, so it forces the master to deliver it there. And nematodes living in young American ants need to get into the body of birds to complete the cycle. Therefore, they make the back of their owners red, similar to berries, and makes them stolidly sit on the branches, instead of trying to escape when danger arises.

Often parasites not only change the behavior of their master, pushing him to death, but also forced before the death to protect their offspring.


Not all cases of animal death, resemblingSuicide, scientists managed to successfully explain. For example, in Scotland there is a bridge called Overtown, from which dogs regularly jump off. Most of the falls from the height of fifteen meters end with the death of the dog, but some persistent suicides have done this twice.

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