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Bridle - a universal part of a horse harness

Horses in the present is practically not used as draft animals, but occasionally can be seen in a carriage drawn by an animal or a wagon - a real museum piece.

Despite the modern materials, harness, as well as harnessing technique, have not changed for hundreds of years.

Types of harnesses

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Depending on the type of harnessdistinguish five main types of harnessing. In oglobelno arc harnessing uses two shafts connected by an arc. Draft horses force is transmitted through a collar, put on the animal's neck.

Oglobelno arc harness because of the wide spread in Russia is also called Russian.

Oglobelno-postromochnaya harnessing distinguished by the absence of the arc. The shafts are attached straps to the yoke or to a wide strap - Schork. Tractive force is transmitted through the traces.
Postromochno-Dyshlovoy harness used incarts and agricultural implements with drawbar - similarity shafts that hold the axle in the middle. In Dyshlovoy carts usually horses harness pairs as hasok.
Postromochnaya harness - the easiest option. He has no shafts or drawbar. Tractive force is transmitted through the traces, which are attached to the yoke or Schork.
Combined harness usedmnogoloshadnyh carts, carriages. It combines postromochnuyu and one of the above zapryazhek. An example is the "troika" - wheeler harnessed in the shafts, for use postromochnuyu crotch harness.

Russian harness horses

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When harnessing the horse should strictly comply with the order. Before the harness, horse brush, check the completeness and the condition of the harness.

Before you start harnessing it is important to make sure that the horse has no injury or pain in areas of contact with the harness.

Then they put a bridle on a horse, the nurse and the clamp. Saddle is located on the shoulder and serves to maintain the entire harness. Clamp is inverted, and has put on the neck is returned to the desired position.
On the back is spread breech-band and fixed to the yoke. Breeching - leather strap that holds the clamp from moving forward arrival downhill or braking.
After a horse give birth between the shafts and fasten them together with the arc on the yoke. Fastening are rawhide or tesmyanye tugs on both sides of the clamp.
The next stage of tightening the lower part of the collar, called ticks, with a special strap - Sergei Suponev. When you are ready to mount the entire structure to the saddlers.
To fix this saddler cinchpassing it under the horse. Long belt called chressedelnik both shafts fixed on the saddle, with their slightly lifted to transfer the weight of the harness with the clamp on the nurse, at the same time is transferred and part of draft force.
It is necessary to further consolidate the shafts abdominal belt, which passes under the girth and attach the reins to control the rings bridle.
Unhitch the horse backwards.

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