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Are the ocular lenses harmful?


Tinted lenses allow you to change the shade of the eyes and make an expressive look. Such lenses were designed only for people with light eyes. They do absolutely no harm.

Tinted lenses
Tinted contact lenses are absolutely safe, if you follow certain rules:

- do not wear a lens more than eight hours a day-
- after each application, wash lens-
- select them only for themselves-
- Do not use shade lenses, which have expired expiration date.

Safety of coloring lenses

Tinted lenses are easy to use, andHave the ability to change the color of the eyes for several shades. It is important to remember that the color layer located in the center of the lens does not touch the eyes, so you do not have to worry about the safety of using lenses. You can also buy toning one-day lenses.

You can use lenses without diopters, if youDecided to slightly change the color of your eyes and change your image. Often such lenses are used to hide eye defects: a thorn or lack of iris. Color lenses, in contrast to coloring, can dramatically change the color of your eyes.

But some people have a lot of questions before buying lenses. Including they doubt that the lenses are not at all harmful to the health of the eyes.

Lenses are painted in a special dye, whichDoes not cause any harm to the eyes. If you decide to purchase a toning lens, choose only the proven company. Do not order them on unverified sites.

Tinted lenses can be used both at various events, and every day. It is important only to take care of them properly.

Disadvantages of coloring lenses

Doctors do not advise driving a car in colored lenses. And all this is due to the fact that with the expansion of the pupil you can see the blurred edge of the lens.

Tinted lenses are painted completely, they do not have a transparent part in the pupil area. Therefore, you can detect when they are wearing a color change. But many do not pay much attention to this.

Lenses can spoil your eyesight if you do not follow the rules of wearing. So do not forget to rest periodically for your eyes, if you do not want to lose sight.

The disadvantages of the toning lenses are as follows: they can cause dry eyes, they can not be worn for more than eight hours a day. Dryness can be avoided by using special drops.

Some believe that when usingTinted lenses can be infectious. The lenses themselves do not cause any diseases. You can put the infection in the eyes only if you use a dirty lens.

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